Iran confirms damaged nuclear site was centrifuge facility


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Why would Iranians seek to cause explosions in Iran?

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kurisupisu, (if that is a serious question), there are Iranians living all over the world.

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Iran should just build 300 nukes like Israel has. You don’t see nuke-armed US, Russia and China having wars. Being bullied makes you weak.

just nuke up!

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Why would Iranians seek to cause explosions in Iran?

There are a lot of exiled Iranians who are strongly anti-government. One such group, Mujahedeen-e-Khalq, even fought alongside Iraqi army against Iran in the Iran-Iraq war in 1980-88. This group exists today, and it still very anti-government.

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Why would Iranians seek to cause explosions in Iran?

You should not assume that everybody in the country is a loyal to the islamist regime.

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*I suspect Israel. At any other time I might even have suspected US.
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