U.S., UK and Israel blame Iran for ship attack; Tehran denies it


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U.S., UK and Israel blame Iran for ship attack

The true Axis of Evil, war mongering as usual.

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All you hear is silence when Israel commits the same acts. If they were at least impartial and condemned both ISrael as well as Iran it would be a better look

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If Israel were not involved and the parties making the claim were the US, UK, and Canada (or New Zealand, or Australia, or Mexico, or Germany, or Tahiti), then everyone would rush to condemn Iran.

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It’s a laugh-riot when people perpetually play the victim card on behalf of a country.

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P. SmithToday  09:26 am JST

It’s a laugh-riot when people perpetually play the victim card on behalf of a country.

Anyone here believe Iran is not to blame for this? If so, why?

The silence speaks the truth for once.

Just for review though:

Blinken similarly described the U.S. as “confident” Iran carried out the attack, using multiple drones.

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In his statement, Raab said it was “highly likely” Iran attacked the tanker with one or more drones.

As soon as I saw the claim from Raab, I knew it was highly likely that this was highly likely to be highly likely.

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Warmongering by Iran, in addition to sending those speed boats to harass ships on international waters

People gotta understand that the Iran Revolutionary Guard operates separately from the regular Iran military, with its own army, navy, air force, and special forces and answerable directly to the Ayatollah

They can be doing things about that the regular Iran military has no idea about, and now they've killed European nationals

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They killed many European nationals when they shot down the jetliner in 2020, and there was no punishment or retaliation. The Iranians act with impunity.

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Biden is in a tough position because he’s trying to placate Iran, unlike President Trump.

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Just like puppets, the US and UK immediately echo the lies of the zionists. The most salient and telling sentence in the story: "However, Israel, the UK and the responding U.S. Navy have yet to show physical evidence from the strike or offer intelligence information on why they blame Tehran." Also the stooge Blinken "...which follows a pattern of attacks..." having no more evidence for this empty assertion than this event provides. We DO KNOW that the zionists have made MANY terroristic attacks against Iran because, one way or another, they brag about it like evil children. And we also know that for the zionists, "False Flags Я Us". In the Mideast as elsewhere, other than the Iranis, there are many people who despise racist fascists ...but the political puppets that CLEARLY are the US and UK is the most disturbing element in this propaganda.

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Anyone here believe Iran is not to blame for this? If so, why?

Does anyone here believe Iran is the only nation that has "issues" with Israel?

How many have been attacked by Israeli air force or Israeli missiles in the past few years? All would have the justification to retaliate. Maybe it was Iran. Maybe it was Syrian. Maybe Palestinian. Maybe Hezbollah did it. Israel has made many enemies who would have reason to respond to Israeli aggression in this way.

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Biden is in a tough position because he’s trying to placate Iran, unlike President Trump.

We made a solemn CONTRACT with Iran that, if they stopped enriching Uranium, we would stop bullying them. They acceded to EVERY unreasonable demand and followed through as confirmed by international inspectors after every intrusive inspection. A TREATY is the PROMISE of a People, here America and Iran, to meet the conditions of the promise. Agent Orange unilaterally broke that promise and made America into the dishonest crud that he himself has been as a 'businessman' and serial cheater and promise breaker. Treaties are one of the few things which we might hope to depend upon to manage our World in any kind of peaceful way and the US clearly cannot be trusted to keep our promises. Why should ANYONE trust us or our word when we have shown ourselves to be a nation of liars and promise breakers? But, given what we have seen of US behavior in the last generation or two, there is no surprise...

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Pathetic world full of pathetic beasts thirsty for power and resources..

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