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Iran displaying 'irrational behavior,' U.S. says


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U S looking for War...?

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The US is seriously looking for war. I guess it would be easier to manage the growing economic anger and worries of the public if they can be distracted by another war. Not to mention the improved profits of the industrial military complex.

I find is ironic that Dwight D. Issenhower, the famed mastermind general behind the Normandy invasions, took the time to warn the nation as President that we should be concerned about the industrial military complex and their capacity to profit from conflict. We should have listened to his advice and kept this segment of our society under far greater control.

And then there is the strategic control over oil that is an equally vivid objective for this.

I sincerely believe that Iran, left alone, would eventually sort itself out. Iranians are not Iraqis. They are a sophisticated and complex society that are no more happy with their government than we are. But our going in would just create another epic mess. As we watch Iraq fall back into disarray, haven't we learned anything at all?


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It takes one to know one.

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U S looking for War...?

seems so, in order to win second term, Obama has to show that he is not less competitive than Bush when it comes to war(s).

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Iran loves Western liberals. Like best friends.

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I really hope the coming US-Iran war will be as long and more costly than the iraq war, that will made America owing much much more 'debts' from China. America needs Chinese money to survives and the Chinese government will gain larger control over Americans, good for peace and prosperity in east asia!

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Iran playing into America's hands............

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The US is seriously looking for war.

Right. It's the US that shoots its own citizens in the streets when they gather to demand freedom.

I guess it would be easier to manage the growing economic anger and worries of the public if they can be distracted by another war.

When your contempt for the majority of Americans is so deep that you imagine wars are waged because the gov can then actually 'distract' people from worrying about where their next paycheck is coming from and 'manage' their anger I'd say you have some serious delusions.

Not to mention the improved profits of the industrial military complex.

Why the need to always be so vague on this one? Specifically, which companies will profit?

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Heh, boy some liberals are cranks.

I bet by the time a fuel crisis arrives and they realize they can't get to a knitting class or even buy produce from empty supermarkets because the world revolves around oil they'll have to stop singing kumbya.

Europe and the US need to round up all our low-lives sponging off society and get 'em battle ready. Were it not for that a-hole W Bush they would never have become so bold.

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More accurately, this looks to be a protective move that does not intend war, but risks it to protect Israel (at the very least) from a nuclear armed Iran. I think that this is an understandable move when one knows that the President of Iran has supported the late Imam Ayatollah Kohmeini, founder of the Islamic revolution, by quoting a statement of his at rallies that "...this regime occupying Jerusalem must vanish from the page of time" a phrase that has also been translated as "Israel must be wiped off the map" by Iran's official Islamic Republic News Agency. For the President of Iran to say something this hostile creates a credible threat to the otherwise peaceful nation of Israel who is a US ally.


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