Iran executes first known prisoner arrested in protests


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Iran is going down and will do so by its own people. Good!

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I certainly hope so.

Iran is going down and will do so by its own people. Good!

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Seems like he could have been guilty of murder and in that case got what was coming to him. Former adviser to Trump John Bolton confirmed that guns were being smuggled across the border into Iran and were given to some of the protesters. More to the troubles there than the media will tell us.

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More than 400 protestors were shot dead.

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This is not a crime against one innocent man. It is a crime against all women in Iran. It is a crime against humanity.

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In principal I'm against capital punishment EXCEPT under circumstances of revolution when I can understand the necessity of imposing, in the name of justice, the maximum punishment on ALL government officials and their henchmen with the blood of innocents on their hands. When Iran's islamo-fascist regime falls, no mercy should be shown to the murderers for all their atrocities.

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waging war against God

Why would the death penalty be required here? Surely, an almighty god would be able to strike the guilty down themselves with ease. Unless these clerics are genuinely concerned that their god may actually feel threatened some lowly mortal waging war on them.

It may never be known what this man was actually guilty of, if anything.

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