Iran executes four men convicted of cooperating with Israel


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The Israeli regime has long accused arch-enemy Iran of having a nuclear weapons program, without (according to the Inspectors at the IAEA) actual evidence. On the other hand, there is plenty of evidence that the Israeli regime (and the US) have actively carried out terrorist attacks against Iranian civilians inside Iran directly, and supported MEKheads and Shahists in their efforts to, through violence and terror, seize power from the legitimate and (according to the academics at the University of Maryland's Centre for International and Security Studies) popularly supported democratically elected government of Iran.

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I wonder is this the pay back on the bombing of the Iranian nuclear scientist.

Did they just kill them or torture them remoselessly

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They knew what could await them, working with Israel spies in an Islamic republic is very dangerous...

More peaceful Islam?

Pathetic, that has nothing to do with religion, it's national security, even in the United States spies can be executed..

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R I P guys, and Alla’ Ak’bar.

Don’t give up.

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Iran on Sunday executed four men convicted of cooperating with Israel's spy agency Mossad, Iranian state media reported.

This is the country supporting Hamas.

Makes sense why Israel has to take strong defensive measures against terrorists.

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