Iranian leader refuses U.S. help, citing virus conspiracy theory


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There are plenty of legitimate reasons for Iran to hate America - the Shah and the US’s unilateral withdrawal from the nuclear treaty, for example - but Covid-19 is not one of them. This is just sheer bull-headed stupidity on the Iranian government’s part, and will hurt their people even further. If only we could have an end to government by theocrats - not that they have a monopoly on stupidity.

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Did Ayatollah consult with Allah -The all knowing first , or just joining CCP by using America as a scapegoat to avoid their negligence. How many more thousand deaths before their bell is ringing?

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Ah yes, seems like he's wanting to board a ticket for the karma bus. I can't wait to get back to work tomorrow to chat with my Iranian co-worker. He LOVES talking about the political situations in Iran.

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"a ticket to board the karma bus" correction to above comment.

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This particular conspiracy would require a level of planning that our government has never demonstrated. We can’t “purposely manipulate” ourselves into having test kits, masks, or toilet paper. Thanks for the kind thoughts, though.

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