Iran linked to plot to assassinate Saudi ambassador in U.S.


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And this my friends is exactly how the world of espionage works. As for whether this man was a spy or not for Iran we'll never know... just the CIA and FBI will tell how much of this is truth.

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I hope they have a nice, warm bed with a sunny view of Guantanano for this idiot Iranian terrorist spy out over in no mans land Camp X Ray US marine base, Cuba.

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america should also be sanctioned for its support of militant groups, and for its program of feeding israel nuclear bombs and failing to report to the IAEA that israel is both in possession and in the process of creating nuclear bombs. America should also be sanctioned for its plans to assassinate and/or oust foreign governments.

more smoke about iran wont get the world's sympathy any more. you might still be able to fool your own citizens but even then, there are major funks brewing on your own land. no one believes what the CIA or the FBI have to say anymore. they are rotten to the core,

"The Saudi Embassy in Washington called the assassination plot a “despicable violation of international norms, standards and conventions and is not in accord with the principles of humanity.”"---can be also used to describe both the foreign AND domestic policies and actions of the american government.

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Heh, it's payback for the American hitchikers, haha.

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I couldn't agree with you more aipachinco. And the saudis talking about ''principles of humanity'' is the funniest thing I have heard all week.

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Better not to mess with the Quds.

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Hey no country is perfect, sure the USA is not perfect, but do we see any Americans escaping from the USA to Iran?? Hell no! The USA has freedom, the Saudis have lots of oil to smooth our freedom to drive up and down those big open roads all over the USA, Iran wants to make problems between Arabs, which Iranians are not, they are Persians, and they also want to make problems with the USA and the Saudi Royal family but luckily the CIA, FBI were on the ball and these Iranians are now asking the Mexican cartels to kill off big names in the USA, if I know my own people they will kill big names but not in the USA, this would be like biting the hand that feeds you, so many druggies in the USA that are addicted to drugs coming in from south of the border, so these Mexican mafia guys just got $100,000 $ USD richer, and the Iranians got busted, so the bald Saudi ambassador is still alive, the Iranians got busted and some guys down in Mexico have more American $$$ to buy more guns??

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@Elbuda Mexicano What do you think about Iran my friend? i'm iranian and here we have people who'd flee from USA and other countries to Iran...u think as you hear the news the world is?! i never saw a terrorist in my whole life...i'd never see a bomb too!!!!! no explosion... no fear. i live in a free country too...and the people who'd run to my country...they are tired of their countries speaking about freedom but as u can see in the news, treat the Muslims and Black skin peoples and so other foreign people uncomfortable.

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@Foxie What that means????!!!! what mess?! no one is messing with no one but the Policies. Do not talk like that so the world would recognize Quds as Terrorism. Your Kind i don't like.

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