Iran looks east after China-led bloc OKs entry

By Sammy Ketz

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And, most of all, they really want a big brother to help hedge against the risks for proceeding with a wildcat nuclear weapons program that Israel deems an unacceptable threat against their national security.

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Together they represent around 40 percent of the world's population and more than 20 percent of global gross domestic product

Why do we have NATO again?

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Funny how the accusations of the states that hate Iran for being an independent, democratic country that doesn't ignore crimes against humanity are treated as if they had some real basis.

Please explain how a country that paid to have weapons grade uranium removed from its territory, and continued to meet ALL the requirements of the NNPT despite receiving none of the benefits is 'pursuing nuclear weapons' that doesn't involve the sort of 'logic' those insisting Trump won reelection use.

PS, do you think Tajikistan changed its vote because the US withdrawal from Afghanistan showed it to be a lot weaker than its reputation, or because Iran is the best hope for Tajikistan to not have an unstable, oppressive, violence racked Afghanistan on its border?

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Iran's oil is firmly in Chinese hands now!

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