Iran new president backs nuclear talks but berates U.S.


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Raisi repeated the clerical state's stance that nuclear weapons are religiously prohibited . . .

The research may take awhile, but I seem to recall that certain religious leaders from his country, and select Muslim followers advocate nuclear, biological and chemical weapons in pursuit of certain worldviews. And leaders for Pakistan (an Islamic republic) and their clerics do not seem to have weighed in on the religious aspects of their stockpile of glowing toys for awhile, as well.

But I'll give him this: At least Raisi didn't scream into the microphone calling for the utter destruction of Isreal, unlike what some of Iran's previous leaders have done in their UN appearances.

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Last para, please correct typo to "Israel." Thank you!

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Funny how some people object to Iran's NNPT compliant, repeatedly certified as totally civilian, IAEA inspected (to the universal General Safeguards level even now) civilian nuclear energy and isotopes program, but not to the Israeli regime's completely uninspected, known to be weapons oriented nuclear program.

The interesting thing is that every single one of them sees an expansionist Apartheid regime as not a threat, and opposition to the human rights atrocities that are part and parcel of Apartheid to be evidence of a disdain for human rights.

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He should have been arrested and dragged off to the ICC to answer for his assembly line executions of his own people for having the temerity to not bow to his miserable perversion of Islam.

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