Iran protests over young woman's death continue; 83 said killed


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How much longer can this barbaric, medieval theocracy rule over a sophisticated, cultured nation like the Iranians?

This regime seems to believe judicial murder is justified if a woman fails to wear a piece of cloth over her face. Now they are murdering dozens of people in the streets for protesting against this gross injustice.

How long before an armed revolt overturns these Godless fanatics?

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This hypocritical totalitarian nonsense has been going on for 43 years and Iran has isolated itself from much of the world. It's time for the people of Iran to stage a revolution, peaceful or otherwise to get these despots out of power. Enough is enough.

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Someone needs to issue a fatwa against the Mullahs.

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There are rumors that the Iranian Spiritual Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has died and instead a body double has taken his place.... sadly, this was fake news though the following suggests a more worrying replacement for him, one who will quash any similar demonstrations and further restricts the "freedoms" enjoyed by Iranians at present:

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JTC, Iranian live free, until the US removed their President

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Starpunk,the US should of never removed their President,they would of never had Islamic rule,this is the consequences of my country bad policies

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Avenger,they will rule unto somebody remove them or the people do

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