Iran denounces Western support for 'rioters'


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President Ebrahim Raisi has said Iran ensures freedom of expression and that he has ordered an investigation into Amini's death. He also said that "acts of chaos" were unacceptable and that Iran must deal decisively with the unrest.

Let me get this straight. Raisi says Iran allows freedom of speech but won’t allow criticism?

When the Romans left after 400 years of occupation , England descended into hundreds of years of what's known as The Dark Ages until it recovered culminating in the Magna Carter in 1215.

Sadly Iran, Russia and many other counties are still in their Dark Ages .

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Violence and protests from demonstrators outside the London Iranian embassy. Clashes with the police.

In Iran, another young woman protestor was killed. 41 people have been killed.

In the first half of this year, Iran executed 251 people.

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And how does a young woman die suddenly in state custody?

Beating and killing people for not covering their hair?

How is that acceptable?

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The west has surrendered any moral authority on the matter by having any kind of relations with the Saudis, the UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait and Oman. All of these nations treat women as badly as Iran does, including having thoroughly abusive morality police. Saudi in particular is every bit as bad as Iran, maybe worse because they do not even pretend to elect a parliament or their president. Iran at least goes through the motions and depending on who the top mullah is they sometimes have real choices on the ballot. Not so in the Gulf States. Honestly, who is worse, MBS or Ayatollah Ali Khamenei ?

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Does anyone remember when the Saudi religious police would not let girls leave a burning school building because they were not wearing head coverings. Then to add to the tragedy the same religious police would not let fire fighters enter the building because they would see girls without head coverings. 15 girls died. Western governments were silent.

And then there was the edict from the Saudi religious police banning women from working in pharmacies since they might have to work with men, never mind that women made up a substantial proportion of the workforce among pharmacists.

Where is the outrage from the west?

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Another US backed coloured revolution. I wonder what the colour will be this time....

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Do not bring a knife to a gunfight, people outside should not be encouraging, people to risk life and limb and they are not at risk as well

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Support freedom of expression yet want the UK to close down critical media reports. Irony not a thing in Iran, then.

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I think if USA turned off Trumps social media and banned Hunters hard drive, then these psycho-operations even in the worlds most free democracy are quite effective.

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"Sedition is the cause of riots and is directed by America," they chanted.

Ah yes, the Great Satan is always responsible for all things the mullahs do not like. (Sometimes, they add Israel, the Little Satan.) COVID19's initial wave of infections in Iran was blamed by the mullahs on the USA instead of the shrine-licking fools themselves. The mullahs have had over forty years to track down all the agents of the USA inside of Iran (and they have hung many people on such false charges.) Not many American agents left there by now... The truth is, no one in Iran believes anything the regime ever says, but some people will chant it because they are paid to or rewarded for it.

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Oddly, I thought Iran was rather a liberal Islamic Country - Iranian women walking with (and even without) head scarves - that was until recently. The Religious order has taken over, and this is clearly (as History has often shown) a spiral towards disaster.

Iran seriously needs to separate it's Religious Order from it's Political order.... that isn't a Western thing, it's a Historically proven experience, which we are now seeing played out again. The West doesn't need to get involved, indeed, they'd be best advised to stand well back. This is a Natural self-implosion, that has biblical predictions that are time and again often ignored to the demise of those not embracing those warnings.

I look forward to a new youthful Iran, rejoining the International Community as, perhaps, a young leader of the Middle East, just as the young, should have it led, without Elder dictates and suppression of the desires for todays youth within a "Modern" day Society.

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I thought Iran was rather a liberal Islamic Country

it was, before the Islamic leaders took over. As long as there are any "morality police" and old men deciding what is moral with how people choose to look - hair, clothing, nail coloring, the govt will not allow freedom. This applies to every country, not just Iran and other Islamic countries.

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