Iran says it is prepared to crush any military threat


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Iran says it is prepared to crush any military threat" I firmly believe that is correct. I don't believe there really is any player in the world, except maybe North Korea, that can wipe their enemy on the ground man for man. Iran however has a pretty strong Air Force too..

So for the Jew haters out there, I don't know why you wouldn't want Israel to attack Iran; they will lose.

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There's a lot to consider when making rash statements and decisions.

Can you believe that we are still in Afghanistan and Iraq? Over 6 years of war where we were told we'd be in and out in 6 months at a cost of only $50Billion.

They might be able to extend a war over 10 years with anybody. Who really wins? But to say that they could crush any military threat....that's what we're supposed to believe. That's what Venezuela, North Korea, China and the US believes. So you take that for what it is. < :-)

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Iran says it is prepared to crush any military threat

Any threat? Yeah, good luck with that. But I suppose they've got to say something like this. It's not particularly inspiring to declare with spit and vinegar, "We are going to respond to most military actions in a crushing manner, although perhaps it does make a bit of a difference which country or regime has launched the aggression."

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skipthesong, honestly I don't want anybody attacking anybody.

Everybody wants nukes. Everybody wants to attack those countries that want nukes. Everybody with threats that they may or may not be able to carry them out.

I see people that defend those who already have their nukes and those same countries are so against others having them. When you become the nuclear power, you are now on the mountain. Iran is trying to be like everybody else. They want nukes because Israel has them. Just like when India got them when Pakistan got them.

This is the cold war all over again on a larger scale because it was only the US and the USSR ramping up nukes. Now we have many many other players and positions.

I definately don't want Iran to have nukes. Nuclear power is kewl, but not the weapons.

So we have Iran threatening to crush any military threat. What would you expect from Iran. A new peace garden? No, but you take it for what it is. Saber-rattling. But that's all it is right now. < :-)

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should these guys be allowed to talk in their sleep?

I would rather not see another war but Iran is stacking the odds against themselves with their rhetoric.

I am sure most iranians would rather these guys were not talking for them and just want to get on with their lives in peace.

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Victor Davis Hanson (at likes to say Obama thinks America is one huge university campus which he presides over as president. WH "spokesperson" Robert Gibbs even characterizes domestic opponents as folks who like starting "Animal House food fights..."

Looks as though Obama is going to put Iran on double secret probation.

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Humanity once again seems to be lurching toward the abyss, and its brake pads are too worn down to stop it.

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Iran says it is prepared to crush any military threat

Deluded or what? If this is a bit of saber-rattling aimed at the West, it is not going to work.

Why? Because for all its faults when it comes to policing invaded countries, the US (and its allies) are very, very proficient at methodically destroying the infrastructure of nations with whom they have a beef. How long did it take for the US to kick Iraq out of Kuwait in Gulf War 1, a little bit over a month? And what about the invasion of Iraq? That didn't last that long either. Trust me, the famous adage about "Bombing People Back into the Stone Age" still holds true for the US military. The scary thing, however, is that it is always being refined.

Now if General Hossein Salami and the regime in Tehran want to push the issue further, sooner or later the West will respond, making General Salami and his colleagues into salami, bratwurst or any other non-kosher sausage.

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Iran's gig is to buy time and complete their projects, USA and her allies will wage more futile sanctions.

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I certainly don't believe in war, but in the case of Iran and also North Korea I really think the UN (not just America) should invade those countries. All the diplomatic rubbish and weak sanctions does nothing. All technology to make nuclear weapons should be removed and a care-taker government put in place until elections could be held. If we truly want this world to be nuclear free and at peace then decisive action is called for.

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Iranian leaders are all liers. They are in the weakest period of their existence. Their morales are low, their airforce is obsolete, their economy and politics is in shambles, there has been no better time to attack them. They know this well and so they are so much scared they started this missile show. I am sure they can be defeated a lot easier than Saddam (Iraq) plus there would be no escalating conflicts as it happened in Iraq. The only question is whether it is worth it or not! Because they seem to be decomposing on their own!

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prepared to crush any military threat

I think Saddam made a similar statement

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Gen Hossein Salami, head of the Revolutionary Guard Air Force, said Iran had perfected its short range missiles to make them more accurate in tactical battlefield situations and defend the country from any attacks.

I had no idea short range tests were required to make them more accurate. If you want to shoot yourself in the foot maybe, so to speak. I'm sure they're already capable of lobbing missiles on their own army.

Where there was once a revolution, a new revolution could exist... does exist. With a new revolution and these crooked clerics in prison, the mid-east will be more stable.

All I know is Salami isn't a Halal meat.

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“We are going to respond to any military action in a crushing manner and it doesn’t make any difference which country or regime has launched the aggression"

US Military Budget: 636 billion dollars

EU Milatry Budget: 312 billion dollars

Iran Military Budget: 6.3 billion dollar

Perhaps he might want to take back that statement.

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After the strong condemnations from the U.S. and its allies, Iran said Saturday it will allow U.N. nuclear inspectors to examine the site.

Most important piece of information hidden inside this article. If this is true, than all this missile launching is just posturing. Iran is no Iraq, and despite the recent election fiasco's their government has strong popular support. Going to war with Iran would be absolutely disastrous. It would not be won quickly, or easily, and would cause untold casualties on both sides. The only people that would benefit would be the military industrial complex (the same dudes that conned bush into going into Iraq) and perhaps the U.S. economy.

If the U.S. does lead an invasion of Iran, it shows just how powerful the Industrial Military complex is. They don't care who is president, democrat or republican. they still pull the strings, along with the wall street bankers.


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A while back, I met two absolutely beautiful girls (and one not so beautiful) with an American boyfriend at a Dept store in Tokyo. We started to chat, and I asked the girls where they were from. They said Iran. I asked them what they thought about USA (noting with all due respect that the boyfriend was from there. They answered. "We want the US to invade our country." I thought they were joking, and I asked why would they say a thing like that? And they answered quite seriously, "then we could be rid of the ancient form of gov't and those running it, and we could have freedom and democracy like in the West." Hmm.... In general, I've only met a few Iranian people in my lifetime, (at immigration, at the Dept. store, one at Univerysity) and I must say they were all quite charming, intelligent people. I wonder where this gov't came from and how it manages to stay in power with such a belligerent form of hostility towards the outside world?

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Iran couldn't beat Iraq after 8 years of war, but the US knocked over Iraq in a couple of weeks.

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Does it take 1 trillion dollars of borrowed money to crush an enemy, or does borrowing trillions of dollars crush an economy?

I have a joke for you guys:

In Iran, I would estimate that at least 80% of the lightbulbs have already been converted to energy efficient or fluorescent systems. And I would estimate that in the United States, Canada, and Japan, that this percentage is at least less than 50%, just to be conservative.

So how many Americans, Canadians, and Japanese does it take to change a lightbulb?

But in all seriousness, think carefully before you act, Iran has been doing this for more than 1400 years. And I believe it is more concerned about your well being than it is on being attacked or going nuclear, these are the fundamentals of any religion.

Ironic then that the whole world has become so backwards.

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Furthermore, American should pull back all its military forces from foreign lands and relocate them on the mainland American soil and should respect International Laws fully - American should change it's "Corner Stone" policy towards Israel and treat it like it treats others on equality bases - peace will prevail as a result of this good action by the American Administration, there will be no need to call any nation "The Axis of Evil", so called America's wars on terror will end and world will finally heave a sigh of relief and every one will live happily ever after.

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bamboohat, I'm not suggesting an invasion is a good idea but the Iranian military is very poor, their tanks include M48 Pattons and T72s and their airforce is equally as ancient. The US could have air superiority with in a few hours and any invasion force could muscle it's way to anywhere it wanted.

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The Iranians will burn the infidels in their tanks!

There are no infidels in Tehran. Never!

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I wonder what the Iranian Jews will do, sit back, fight for Israel, or run away.

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When discussing Iran, historians will regard Obama as Jimmy Carter’s even crazier younger brother.

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Iran's weak military capability is balanced by Obama's ineptitude in foreign affairs. Maybe Obama can go on another apology tour...

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rajakumar, define Palestinian issues, be more specific.

Are you talking about more than 300 Palestinian children aged between 10-17 being placed in Israeli prisons? Every month? For the last how many years?

I guess the so called "Palestine issue" is ok by you? Or you don't really know what is going on?

I bet there is a greater than 50% chance that you don't use energy efficient lightbulbs in your home.

Moderator: Back on topic please.

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Sound like Iran is having a snit ala NK. I don't imagine it will amount to anything. I do expect that a lot more people are convinced that Iran is pursuing nuclear weapons though. Masters of diplomacy, that lot.

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"When discussing Iran, historians will regard Obama"

I'm sure David Irving has already penned the text.....

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The US could airstrike Iran into submission before Iran got finished repacking their gunpowder muskets. Reminds me of the Onion article from a while back, where Kuwait sent their 1 troop to assist the Iraq struggle. With all the short range missile testing, the US should demonstrate its long range missile capability by firing something from the east coast of the US, and hitting something on the west coast of the US, from the long way around.

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29 Sept. Daily Express UK is reporting

"INTELLIGENCE chief Sir John Scarlett has been told that Saudi Arabia is ready to allow Israel to bomb Iran’s new nuclear site. "The head of MI6 discussed the issue in London with Mossad chief Meir Dagan and Saudi officials after British intelligence officers helped to uncover the plant, in the side of a mountain near the ancient city of Qom."
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Everyone in the Middle East with the exception of Syria and Hezbollah in Lebanon approve of Israel attacking Iran's nuclear sites. They don't want to see Iran get nukes, and they're getting tired of Iran trying to influence the streets in their own country, especially Egypt.

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That's because Iran is Shia Islam, one of the most oppressed religions in the history of mankind. Sunni Islam is teaming up with the West to wipe it off the face of the planet.

What did True Shia Islam ever do wrong to anybody, is like saying what did Jesus ever do wrong to anyone, is like saying what did true Jews (Not the ones exterminating Palestians like it is Holocaust part II) do to anyone, is like saying, what did Ghandi ever do wrong to anyone.

The end of history will be the uncovering of every truth, including the very thoughts inside your head.

Anyone with any understanding of this reality would tread very carefully, however, most of us are already completely lost, it is mind boggling.

The very people touting "think outside the box", "innocent until proven guilty", "due dilligence", and "good character", are the very ones who have forgotten what all of this means.

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