Iran says it will continue developing ballistic missiles


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The State Department announced yesterday the elimination of the Office of Economic Sanctions Policy and Implementation.  

Passing sanctimonious resolutions in Congress is useless without people to actually do the damned work.

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It's their right.

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Super sized SCUD missiles?  Wont last very long after it lifted into the air! The North Korean missiles were another former Soviet type missiles.

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It's their right.

You've obviously been ignoring the Iranian governments statements that have (and still) say, "We WILL wipe Israel off the map!"

Is it their right to explicitly state they want to destroy another nation? They've been quite clear about their goal of what they intend to do when they get effective nukes for DECADES. They really want to start a nuclear war and intend to do it.

Personally I hope the regime does something that stupid, because they only think about "Destroy Israel!", not the consequences that will follow afterwards. If Iran goes that far, then they will be dealt with because it would show they have no self control with WMD and the other countries around them won't feel safe and either start developing/using nukes as well. Remember Iran and Saudi Arabia don't get along either and Iran's government has a long list of who they don't like.

The khamenei's group believes it's their Allah given right to destroy their enemies. I don't know about you, but I can't trust someone with nukes if they blatantly say they want to destroy other countries with them as the end goal. Iran's regime has been at this game far longer than you can imagine.

I work with a few folks from the region (one Iranian and one Arab), and even they say the Khamenei is just as corrupt and stupid as every other dictator/tyrant in the world. Instead of taking care of their people and economy, they've been hoarding whatever cash they have for themselves. Most sane Iranians can't stand living in Iran, and all of them are trying to get out. No jobs, no medication in their hospitals, religiously sanctioned police, and the majority of their female population turn to prostitution just to earn some money.

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Iran and North Korea have cooperated with each other for years. The world wanted to slow down the spread of nuclear weapons, but their djinns are now pretty much out of the bottle. They will not go back inside faced with either military threats or sanctions. Unfortunately this will probably encourage other less stable countries to follow suit. The anti-nuclear movement seems to be gradually losing ground...

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You've obviously been ignoring the Iranian governments statements that have (and still) say, "We WILL wipe Israel off the map!"

And you have obviously been ignoring that , "We WILL wipe Israel off the map!" was a mistranslation.

The original statement called for regime change in Israel.

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Ah, love the Iranophobes and their myths.

You've got the one who thinks wanting to see the ME Apartheid regime go the way of the SA Apartheid regime is something evil.

You've got the one who thinks that the space capable industrialized democracy that views simple possession of WMDs as anathema, even when it's civilians were being slaughtered in their homes by a genocidal dictator attacking at the behest of a couple of nuclear weapons states, is cooperating with a barely dark sky capable rural dictatorship.

And you've got the one who thinks that a country that can make and orbit functioning communications and observation satellites, that is a leading power in nanotech research and development, somehow can't manage anything better than a half century old missile.

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