Iran says U.S. attempting to use unrest to weaken country


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"Washington is always trying to weaken Iran's stability and security although it has been unsuccessful," Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesperson Nasser Kanaani told Nour news, which is affiliated with a top security body, in a statement.

Sure. Blame your problems on the US. Maybe if you didn't have a "morality police" that arrests and kills women not bowing down to male oppression, you wouldn't have these problems.

Understandably, people are fed up with silly religious rules that bake in male oppression of women, that they have taken to the streets. You reap what you sow.

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We need to remember why we are here, why Iran is like it is, why the USA and by default the West and Iran are hostile to eachother.

Sadly it all again goes back to the USA and oil!

When the USA orchestrated and backed the coup d'etat that placed the Shah in power over a legitimately elected government that was trying to reclaim its resources for the people.

The rise of the Iyatollas and anti USA/west all stems from that, the resistance to the overthrow of the Shah resulting in the 1979 crisis and everything after is directly a result of the installation of the Shah and USA support for his regime.

Instead of fighting with the Iranian government from day one instance of attempting to overthrow it again, instead of backing Saddam Hussein in a war with Iran, etc.. the USA admitted it was wrong about the Shah it was wrong about the coup d'etat and apologised way way back in the 80s perhaps things would be different.

But the constant pushing and threatening towards Iran only gave fuel and power to the hardline sections and this is the result.

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Iran has turned its internet off.

In London violent protests outside the Iranian embassy. 12 arrests. Also outside an Islamic center in Kilburn. Flags were waved during the demonstration in Trafalgar Square.

Many demonstrations in other countries.

 Iranian officials stated that 35 people have been killed since protests broke out over the death of Ms. Amini. Clashes continue in several cities.

This year, Iran has executed more than 200 people, many from the minority Sunni community.

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everybody who has a brain knows USA tactics to destroy and oppress nations.

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Another CIA-backed attempt at a color revolution. Every country has to swallow US-approved woke policies and be plugged into the global consumer society or the US won't leave it alone.

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Thousands of angry Iranians protesting on the street against their government and Iran blames it all on the U.S. That's really funny. If it stopped raining over there, that would also be because of the CIA.

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When the population goes nuts because they are sick of living in a prison, it's all the American's fault.

We will take that as a compliment.

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Iranian Religious leaders have only themselves to blame. Mixing Religion and Politics will always end in failure.

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The USA does not need to use internal unrest to weaken Iran. The mullahs have done that themselves with their corruption, mismanagement, and oppression. The current American regime would like nothing better than to prop up the mullahs with more planeloads of cash and dropping of sanctions in exchange for a toothless agreement.

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Another CIA-backed attempt at a color revolution. Every country has to swallow US-approved woke policies and be plugged into the global consumer society or the US won't leave it alone.

Did it ever dawn on you that almost every family in Iran has family members living in the US? They all know that what the Mullahs tell them about the US is a lie. They know the truth about life in the US from their families and want that for themselves if they could only get rid of the darned mullahs. Much the same is true for the Chinese btw.

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It is the Russians doing it, not the US. Russia is trying to start and keep the middle east in turmoil, so Iran and Syria will keep buying weapons. Russia needs the sales to fund their war in Ukraine.

Iran is being played by Russia and they are so focused on the wrong players, it is sad.

At least Iran isn't worried about being attacked by Iraq anymore. Gee - who did that? I forget.

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