Iran says it killed protesters in deadliest unrest in decades


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This is called the “Nip it in the Bud” approach.

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This is how the revolution against the Shah started.

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online videos of demonstrations purport to show security forces firing machine guns and rifles at crowds.

State forces firing machine guns at their fellow citizens? Iran is an example of an authoritarian state. Like Russia, China, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, etc. Democratic systems are terribly flawed in many ways, but for those valuing individual freedoms still superior to any form of authoritarianism. The global alt right movement must be countered if democracies are to be maintained.

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It is interesting how different what the Center For International and Security Studies at Maryland finds when it surveys a representative sample of the Iranian population, and what the article and some comments would have you believe that they should find.

Of course, given that one is produced by people who's work is judged by how scientifically rigorous it is, and whether other rigorous scientifically conducted surveys come to the same results, and the others are aimed at not upsetting governments that hate Iran, well, you can decide which one is more accurate.

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Amnesty International believes the unrest beginning in mid-November and crackdown that followed killed at least 208 people. An Iranian judiciary official disputed the toll Tuesday as “sheer lies,” without offering any evidence to support his position.

Has Amnesty International provided evidence supporting the killing of "at least 208 people"?

This is how the revolution against the Shah started.

It reminds me of how protests in Ukraine and Syria turned into war thanks to well placed enemy snipers, to be blamed on the governments that they wanted to topple.

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The Shah actually never fired on protestors, he had his secret police but refused to kill the citizens in cold blood and released a lot of the political criminals as an act of goodwill, which ended up being a mistake and decided to step down instead of being the leader of a country that would either go into civil war or a brutal dictatorship. Far more of an honorable leader than the current group!

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This Article does nothing but give a platform to this brutal regime. Reciting events according to the dictator government is no journalism. Liberal papers all over the world are missing the mark when it comes to reporting on the crimes of the Islamic Republic. Their judgment is clouded by their hatred for Trump. They sacrifice the Iranian population because of their political ineptitude.

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