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Iran steps up relief efforts after quakes kill 227


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I hope the USA and many other good countries can send help ASAP to IRAN.

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My heart goes out to the people of Iran. I hope that help comes quickly.

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I hope the USA and many other good countries can send help ASAP to IRAN.

Sadly, Iran would never accept such offers of help. I remember them turning down Israel's help in another earthquake years back. Hopefully, they can make do with what they have or countries they would accept help from do offer.

Let's all hope for all the survivors to be found and aided as soon as possible.

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I remember a few years back, the USA sent help, and the Iranian government had no worries and gladly accepted American aid, so maybe they hate Israel but not the same with the USA, so USA etc..please send help ASAP to Iran!

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The US has officially stated to Iran that they will provide any aid for relief efforts the Iranian government may ask for. Just depends on Iran's response. Still the sanctions are going to stay in place.

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The US offered and an Iranian official decline the offered. Iran has also declined offers from other countries (Switzerland and Russia) as well.

http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2012-08-13/iran-moves-to-distribute-aid-after-two-earthquakes-kill-227.html Earlier in the day, Interior Minister Mostafa Mohammad- Najjar said Iran had received offers from abroad and had declined them. “We will carry out relief work by relying on our domestic potential,” IRNA quoted him as saying.

As I wrote, hopefully they can handle the situation and rescue any survivors still unaccounted for.

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However, I was in fact mistaken and Elbuda is correct that Iran has accepted US aid in the past. It was Israeli aid they declined.

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