Iran tanker in limbo off Gibraltar as U.S. issues warrant


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Exactly what standing does the US have in this dispute? None!

America remembers the seizure of the American embassy.

The Iranians remember Operation AJAX of the CIA that overthrew the democratically elected prime minister and installed the Shah in 1953 just so cheap oil could flow to the West. They remember the Shah's secret police, trained by CIA and MOSSAD, that tortured and murdered Iranians until the 1979 revolution. They remember our support of and supplying of weaponry and poison gas to Saddam in their 8 year war with Iraq, after Iraq invaded Iran, a war that killed a million Iranians. They remember the civilian aircraft shot down by the US, killing 290 people.

It is not without some justification that Iran regards USA and Israel as existential threats.

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The US is dying for a war with Iran, which would only benefit Israel.

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The interesting question is whether the glaring error in the warrant (hint, check the dates) was an act of sabotage against the warmongers, a deliberate act by the drafters to allow them to posture without running the risk of it ever going to court, or just evidence of the link between arrogance and incompetence.

My bet is a bit of all three.

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They remember our support of and supplying of weaponry and poison gas to Saddam

That wasn't me. I might be American but its nothing on me. Never did it, never supported it. If you want to drag into the streets and tar and feather those Americans who did be my guest. So much has been done without my consent or approval, and I will own none of it simply for being born within certain borders. It was THEM....and they should be punished....handed over to Iran and Iraq a token of sincerity for peaceful future relations.

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