Iran threatens to hit Turkey if U.S., Israel attack


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Iran oh Iran, how stupid can they be! Why hit Turkey? Another MUSLIM country? These great leaders in Teheran gave ROCKS FOR BRAINS!!

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Hmmm...I wonder if this means the Iranians are behind the Kurd minority there in Turkey??

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You don't follow the Middle East much, do you? The whole point is that Turkey is one of the United States/NATO's biggest allies in the Middle East. It doesn't matter if it is another Muslim country or not. The friend of an enemy would enemy. It doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure that out.

Anyone with an ounce of logic would realize the U.S. and Israel have no grounds for attacking Iran. It's just Iraq all over again, except "weapons of mass destruction" is replaced with "trying to build nuclear arms". Oh, and the whole phony assassination attempt on the Saudi ambassador? Give me a break.

This is just another Gulf of Tonkin. A false accusation to justify the means of war. The U.S. has been doing it for decades and will continue doing so.

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Iran has no need for a nuclear weapon. There is no thread from any country. They had an enemy that was not USA but Iraq and it is over. If they make Nuke is just to make the Muslims fundmentalist to grow more power over other religion and spread the wrong teaching of Islam ( Which is not the real message of Allah given to middle east people through Muhammad). They have to stop making nukes for Electric power, they have lot of natural gas to make enough electricity for 100 years and to sell to earn many billions a year.

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Iran-a drunken sailor with a bomb that goes off any time.

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I agree with MrExpatriate and not with realmind because it seems quite clear to me that the US is a threat to Iran.

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The US propaganda machine continues to roll along. It's almost like they think, "Hey, hang on, we haven't invaded another country for a few months now, let's get the map out and decide where is next." I hope Obama doesn't get too mislead by some of the trigger-happy boys in the government.

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So, if Israel and the US attack Iran, the Iranians plan to drag Turkey into the war on the opposing side. Somebody send these guys a copy of the Art of War, because a strategic rethink seems to be in order.

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I know a lot of Iranians here in Japan and they are good people. Get rid of their leaders and you will have a wonderful country.

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Another completely misleading headling. Iran is not threatening to "hit Turkey", they are threatening to hit Nato installations in Turkey. The Turkish islamist government would likely help them in blowing them up.

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" Get rid of their leaders and you will have a wonderful country. "

Nope. Not if another round of "democratic elections" sweeps another crop of 12er Shiite mullahs into power, as it inevitably will.

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Mr Netanyahu will be very happy to hear this and foreseeing things come true!

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Time for action, Mr Obama!

"Wars mean VOTES!"

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Does anybody here know what they are talking about?... What country would allow it's neighbor to continue to threaten it the way Iran has done continuously ... that they(Iran) will wipe Israel off the map... on a Jewish website today.. they said again... "We will kill all Jews"... what countyy around the world will put up with this?... and you say Israel has no basis for attacking Iran?... are you serious?..... One morning we will all wake up and this will all be over... Israel has the most and MOST POWERFUL NUKES on this planet... just wait for the news!

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@zichi....Funny you know that.. When Israel has never admitted to having Nukes... Hmmmmm

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@Zichi: Jane's says between 100 and 300. Most in ready to assmble mode. 450 is pushing it but even one is IMHO.

This is a bizarre ratchet up by Iran. Crikey. If any country is going take offense at being threatened Turkey is a prime candidate.

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If Iran want's to really show how serious they are, next time they issue a threat, they should tell us they'll fire one at themselves. That will surely dissuade any talk of attacking them.

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Iran vs NATO

Since this won't likely ever happen, this is just another incident of saber rattling.

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If Wars & defacto coups d'état are needed to demonstrate U.S. power aboard before each election, to save innocent people in those not-so-democratic nations (many indeed), please change the U.S. constitutions by enlarging the interval ( say, 8-10 years ) between two elections.

God bless America & other people who have their rights to survive on this planet.

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Not if another round of "democratic elections" sweeps another crop of 12er Shiite mullahs into power, as it inevitably will.

Turkey is a secular country first and a democratic country second. The military has repeatedly 'intervened in the democratic process' to keep the country secular.

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“Based on orders from the exalted commander in chief, we will respond to threats with threats,” he was quoted as saying

Ok so long as you only respond with threats and not action there is no need to pay any attention.

This lot are just like that nutter kim in north Korea.

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" Turkey is a secular country first and a democratic country second. The military has repeatedly 'intervened in the democratic process' to keep the country secular. "

Yes. But it seems you missed that the islamist AKP party is in power in Turkey, and that it has been eager to curtail the power of the military to stop the islamization process --- all with the blessings of the EU politicians with their naive idea of "democracy".

Kemalism is on the way out in Turkey, and the Islamic Republic on the way in. Your comment would have been correct about 10 years ago, but not any more.

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Are the Iranians aware that if they attack NATO's defense installations in Turkey, innocent civilians might be killed or injured?

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" Are the Iranians aware that if they attack NATO's defense installations in Turkey, innocent civilians might be killed or injured? "

LOL, I love sarcasm!

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Iran declared war on the US in 1979. The lunatic theocrats at the top in Iran have to deliver on the promise of an Islamic revolution. Why won't Iran's apologists on the Left ever take the mullahs at their own word? The current regime wants war. They say so.

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Interesting. Israel's threats have been forgotten, so as to make it look like Iran is making threats out of the clear blue sky.

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The good Iranian people elect their leadership.

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@luckshines... And exactly what "threats has Israel said".... Defending itself?.... Israel has had nukes for a long time... if they were so evil like the Arab countries have said... They could have used every nuke they had on all the Arab nations that surround tiny Israel.

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I am so tired of people trying to put the blame on Israel as if they don't have the right to defend themselves or that they are looking for a confrontation purposely with Iran. They are surrounded by enemies and now you have Iran taking a hostile attitude towards the Israelis and threatening them by saying, "we are going to blow them up." and you trying to tell me, Israelis have to take it up the rear?? Screw that! I hope Netanyahu will do a preemptive strike on these clowns as they should, that' just like your next door neighbor talking smack about you and then straight to your face says, "I'm going to kill you and your family" most sensible people's reaction would be "bring it on" and would protect their home and kin from this crazy regime. Do I agree with Everything that Israel does, NO, but I am just tired of people thinking that Iran has the right to have nukes knowing full well that should they (Iran) get their hands on the bomb, they intend to use it. No provocation, just an all out direct threat! Iran has some serious brass balls thinking they can just obliterate a country thinking their won't be any repercussions whatsoever. Iran is seriously opening up a can of worms.

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knowing full well that should they (Iran) get their hands on the bomb, they intend to use it.

Ah... do we know this "full well"? I know Iran is always ranting about the death of the west and the destruction of Israel, but then NoKo just threatened to turn Seoul into a "sea of fire," (which is totally something they can do) but no one expects them to do it. For all it's belicose propaganda, the Islamic Republic has never actually started a war with anyone. If they get nukes, the most like thing for them to do would be to hoard them as insurance against attack, like everybody else who has them does.

Now, I'm not thrilled about the idea of Iran having nukes, as they are just crazy enough that there is a chance they might use them (either directly, or through terrorists). But that chance is small (it doesn't make much sense to start a WWIII you can't win or to hand off nukes to unpredictable and uncontrolable fanatics), and is certainly not in the "knowing full well they intend to use it" area. A "preemptive strike" seems like an enormously foolish, especially when you consider that it is unlikely to do more than delay the nuclear program for a year or two, even if successful. Is that worth starting a war?

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Why does everybody (or so many people) assume that Iran's leaders actually care about Israel. All this ranting is inner politics. It is a means to get support from the hardliners in the country. And from the frustrated population. In the same way as the tea party's ranting about which country they would invade next if their dream candidate (of the week) would be elected president. Or like NOKO's Kim Jong Il ranting about evil Japan, evil SOKO and what have You. This is inner politics, not foreign politics.

By the way, the existence of a nuclear arsenal of Israel is officially known, since South Africa once admitted having obtained their nuclear arms technology from Israel. A country which ignores the anti-proliferation treaty by having nukes themselves and distributing nukes to other countries is extremely hypocritical, when it complains about another country's nukes. Even though I can completely agree with their antipathy towards Iranian nukes...

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Iran WILL be taken out, it is not a matter of if it is a matter of when AND who by.

They are responsible for ALL the unrest in the Middle East.

My advice to All residents is simple LEAVE NOW.

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Iran is not alone, remember that they have always supported Syria, now in a big mess there, and Turkey has openly chastised Syria for killing its people maybe Teheran is trying to show some solidarity with SYRIA?? Iran does not want to be the only openly dictator run country in that region. Hizbollah etc..are funded by Iran, Syria make havoc over in Lebanon etc..a bit complicated but not too complicated, the USA, Israel, even Turkey are on the side of freedom, then you have funny countries like Iran that do not even allow MUSIC! No dancing etc..all ILLEGAL for both MEN and for WOMEN there in Iran, so if we thought the Taliban were behind the times, well look at the old dudes running Iran, still thinking they are at least 2 thousand years back in the past.

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Why does everybody (or so many people) assume that Iran's leaders actually care about Israel.


You have asked this question before and asserted this same line of thinking in the past. I will respond as I have in the past as well. Everyone (or so many people ) assume Iran's leaders actually care about Israel because Iran, supports, finances and trains groups whose goal is the destruction of the state of Israel. This is not just about words. It is clearly about the actions of the Iranian government.

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And exactly what "threats has Israel said".... Defending itself?

Israel threatened to strike Iran. Not "if" Iran attacks Israel, but simply to prevent Iran going nuclear. That is not defense. That is an assault.

If you support the assault, then please just call a spade a spade. If you hated me and I tackled you to prevent you walking into a gun shop, no one would accept my plea of self defense. I would be guilty of assault. If the assault can be justified, fine. But its still not defense, not unless you truly believe the Israelis can predict the future.

Iran has attacked no one for hundreds of years. Israel has attacked many. Israel was born of violence and has been violent ever since.

They are surrounded by enemies

They should have thought of that before taking back the Holy Land! They made their own bed. They are not getting any leeway from me because their situation is difficult.

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Iran supports those who want to destroy Israel. They do this openly and actively. The present Iran has not been around for hundreds of years. Why do people insist on acting as though they have? Iran should give up wanting to destroy Israel and act in a peaceful manner.

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I hear Iranian students have invaded the British embassy in Tehran.

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Isn't it a funny old world? If we could just sit down with folks from other nations, have some coffee and trade stories about our children, we would clearly see that if you take away the absurdities of religion and government, we're all just people trying to live, survive and carve out a bit of happiness.

Back to reality. The west should pull completely out of the middle east and let the Israeli army do what it must. Perhaps they might turn Iran into a giant skateboard park. Better to deal with one sane government than the dizzying myriad of clans, sects, groups, etc. etc. that make up a part of the world which has pretty much never known, and never will know any sense of what we consider peace based solely upon ancient hatreds. Too many headaches, heartaches and sorrow. And most of them hate us and want us out. Leave them to it and sit back with remote and popcorn to watch the show. Too many brilliant people have wasted too much time in trying to make sense of it all. And in truth we (the west) have exploited them too much and for too long to deserve their trust. Let them all be masters of their own fate and save us the friggin' trouble.

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Any reason I got a thumbs down for just stating reality?

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