Iran to join int'l talks on Syria


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It is about time that the US begin to act like a mature adult and not a petulant child and discuss important issues with Russia and Iran. Talks may or may not amount to anything but is better than sitting in a corner chanting to ourselves how exceptional and pure we are with all the answers.

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Maybe the US shouldn't concede to Iran, including the nuclear deal

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Whatever happened to Hillary's "Assad's days are numbered" comment made back in 2012?

Haha, good one. Perhaps a bold ultimatum should have been issued. Hillary was still in her post "9/11" mode when she said that. Back then she was a hardliner. Funny how some people get soft, yet remain in politics.

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politicians and clerics are the cause of wars and all the problems in the world.

Iran stands alone in the mid-east as a Shi'ite nation among the Sunni but to Americans a Muslim is a Muslim and most Americans seem to hate all things Islam.

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Iran stands alone in the mid-east as a Shi'ite nation

You're forgetting Iraq.

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