Iran warns Gulf Arab oil producers against boosting production


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Would it be politically incorrect to denounce Iran for imperialism and sabre-rattling and military adventurism when ya read reports like this? Can we find a way to blame Halliburton here?

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Imagine what these backwards countries would be like if they did not have any oil.

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Hmm. The US pulls out of Iraq just in time. Coincidence, or planned from the start?

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Black gold cartel

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So ... Iran is warning the other Arab countries that if they support the Iranian embargo, they would become enemies too?

Thing is, almost every oil-producing country can produce more oil on demand. Even though Saudi Arabia will be inconvenienced if the Strait of Hormuz becomes a battlefield, other refinieries in western Saudi Arabia can pump out more oil.

Thing is, I don't think Saudi Arabia can produce 12.5 million barrels per day even if they max output for all refineries not affected ... unless they plan to haul the oil over land from east Saudi Arabia to the western side. A lot of refineries are currently operating at the Arabian Gulf (or Persian Gulf, take your pick).

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How do you say "Nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah!" in Farsi?

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So now the Iranians are going to attack the other oil producing countries? These guys just have to threaten everybody, don't they?

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Iran is like the North Korea of their part of the world but with lots of oil??

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