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Iranian forces on alert as fuel prices soar 400%


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Wow now they pay 40 cents a liter when it was only 10 cents a liter. Time to get that Nuke program working so they don't run out of energy.

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...The so-called economic “surgery” has been planned for months, but was repeatedly delayed over worries of a repeat of gas riots in 2007 and serious political infighting during the standoff with the West over the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program.

...But the timing for the first painful steps—just after a first round of nuclear talks with international powers and a second planned for early next year—suggests one of the world’s leading oil producers is feeling the sting of tightened sanctions.

...Economists say the unpopular plan to slash subsidies could stoke inflation already estimated to be more than 20 percent.

...Ahmadinejad also said his government was paying $4 billion in bread subsidies, which will also gradually be phased out.

Sounds like the international sanctions are having an effect.

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How much longer can they stay in power? Pity no viable alternative exists.

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"Make the people pay!"

Sounds like they are becoming internationalized.

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This could break the Regime

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Still cheap gas !

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This is a small bump on the road to Iran having nuclear energy for only peaceful purposes. Then Iranians will be zipping around happily in nuclear powered cars and all this fuel prices silliness will be like a dream.

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