Iranian state-organized marchers call for execution of protesters


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From the old Shah playbook!

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The problem with morality police is they claim to be doing dogs will, so there is no discussion or ability to get the charges dropped and laws modified as the people become more liberal.

We have govts to help everyone get along with each other, not to allow the ruling 0.5% to get what they want. All the people of the world need to remember this and force their leaders into knowing they are in a temporary position by throwing them out every few years.

Having a Supreme Leader for life is a huge issue. If that job must exist, it needs to be changed at least every 10 yrs with a different person and no returning to office. Change is good for us all.

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These people are the families and relatives of the government employees, the basidj, the morality police, and the Islamic Revolutionary Guard. Their husbands/sons/brothers receive a bonus for their attending the demonstration.

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Indecent exposure laws by state

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State-organized rallies

That says it all!

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"Offenders of the Koran must be executed," they chanted.

Seems like a not-so-reasonable demand, especially from a moderate religion. Fanatics in any religion are bad for the entire tradition.

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Love how counterprotests against an often violent fringe group by the vast majority of Iranians are, once again, being dismissed, to maintain the illusion that the violent fringe aren't a violent fringe.

That's the problem with having run this playbook before where the claims were easily debunked, it becomes evidence that a not easily debunked claim is bogus.

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American woman can walk in public,with her butt cheek hanging out, nothing is said or done

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Iran is a brutal theocracy ruled by Mullahs with an 8th century world view. The sooner they are overthrown, the better for the Iranian people.

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Yet much better than Saudi, Pakistan, Afghanistan and many other places.

Very low benchmarks there!

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What a truly vile place Iran is. Women are on the same level as pigs there.

Yet much better than Saudi, Pakistan, Afghanistan and many other places.

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Just look at the horrible scum in the photo.

What a truly vile place Iran is. Women are on the same level as pigs there.

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The pro-government protestors seem to be on the older side. Doesn’t strike me as representative of Iran’s demographics.

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Sad to see so many people being Brainwashed.

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Basically, government sponsored thugs are going to be used to attack the protesters, so the government can claim innocence. Aka "Strike busters" if this was a union strike.

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