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Iranians rally to mark anniversary of U.S. Embassy takeover


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Can't blame them for founding a republic like we did. Too bad we pushed the Shah on them. I remember getting the details of what life was like under that thug from an Iranian communist at UF where we both studied.

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How is life in Iran now? Better or worse?

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The history and reality of the situation with Iran is all a bit too hard for Trump to get his head around.

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The repercussions of actions taken by the US in Iran half a century ago are still being felt now. Yet America takes no responsibility for this, and is angry at Iran for being angry at America for the things America did. These things don't go away, and yet America has started more and more problems with more and more countries. How will the effects of American actions today shape the world in the next half century? As long as America continues to do what it wants without ever admitting fault or taking responsibility for its actions, more and more bitterness will be sown. Eventually the juggler can't manage all the balls in the air.

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Middle East, THE place for women libbers.

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@expatToday  04:28 pm JST precisely

Maybe if the US and the UK hadn't overthrown the first democratically-elected government in a coup back in 1953 and installed an expatriate despot who could barely speak Farsi as their puppet, none of this would have happened. The only reason Khomeini was allowed back into Iran was that by the third generation the population saw life under the Mullahs as preferable to life under the Shah and Savak.

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I blame Pres. Eisenhower for much of the trouble we see ourselves in today. He went along with the British request to overthrow the Iranian democracy, and then install someone who would be friendly to British Petroleum. He started the US on the path to fighting the North Vietnamese. He installed a dictator in Guatemala who killed thousands of his own people, and which has caused that region even today to be unsettled.

As admirable as Gen. Eisenhower was as Supreme Allied Commander in western Europe during World War II, his lack of moral direction as president gave us Nixon, and dictatorships around the world.

It seems to me that whenever we get a Republican president, we end up supporting dictators all over the planet.

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Funny how someone can praise the violent oppressive dictatorship for policies that the democracy that replaced him embraces, as if the democracy is somehow worse.

I'm guessing that willful ignorance plays a role, seeing as it is the American allies in the region that have restricted religious freedom, equality, etc.

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At least the Shah tried to modernize and bring Iran into the 20th century with his progressive "White Revolution" program initiatives.

Apart from massacres like Jaleh Square, of course.

Amother beloved US puppet.

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Regardless, the Iranian "leadership" that exists now isn't good at all. While lessons need to be learned from the past, remember the present which leads to the future is what we are dealing with at this moment. Past a cannot be changed, but striving to become better in the future can be.

Iranian's want their country to become better, but the regime isn't willing to make those steps at all.

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Other than the leftists, can anyone else say living under Khomeini and his extremist Islamic regime is better than it was under the Shah? At least the Shah tried to modernize and bring Iran into the 20th century with his progressive "White Revolution" program initiatives.

After 1979 coup, Khomeini took Iran back to the dark ages.....a setback especially for women. He also turned Iran into a Soviet vassal state with the Soviet Union being the first to recognize the regime in 1979.

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Amazing that those promoting misinformation about Iran still keep at it, even when they have seen that they are likely to get called out for their lies on this site.

Somehow, they believe that funding literacy programs for the women who grew up illiterate under the Shah, funding higher learning for the population without discrimination, and turning Iran away from the path of becoming completely dependent on foreign knowledge and skills that the Shah had it on and instead making it a space capable, research and innovation focused country, with female politicians, business leaders, teachers, even fighter pilots, was 'turning Iran to the Dark Ages' (which, ironically, was a European phenomenon that happened while universities, and human rights, was the norm in the ME) and oppressing women.

I guess when your 'friends' are the Saud regime and the last surviving Apartheid regime, that you project their bad behaviors onto the 'enemies' is the only way of thinking that you are supporting the right side.

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1glenn, btw, it was JFK who put US military 'advisers' in Vietnam and LBJ who really rachetted things up with massive US troop numbers. Both Dem presidents. It was Nixon (a republican president) who pulled the US out.

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"anniversary of U.S. Embassy takeover"

I bet Jimmy Carter hates this day.

-2 ( +2 / -4 )

oh yes, that terrible shah and his policy of religeous freedom, equality for women and equal education for girls (among other horrible ideas).

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And the U.S. has rewarded them with ripping up the horrible agreement that was made years back.

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How civilized.

-4 ( +5 / -9 )

Serendipitous, onthe contrary, Trump has cut thru all the nambypamby bs straight to the reality.

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Thank goodness for the Atatollah and the lovely mullahs, eh?

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'JFK was expanding a policy already setby Eisenhower.'

yes, by choice. What, JFK was nothingmore than Ike's messengerboy??

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