Iraq attacks kill 30 ahead of Shiite pilgrimage


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Ahh, gotta love Islam.

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So sad, why all of this violence.

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Dump religion in the dustbin of history.

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Was it right to remove Sadam Hussain? he didn't have any problems ruleing these two factions. he might of been a tyrant but he didn't have these shooting and killing going on when he was in power.

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"Was it right to remove Sadam Hussain? he didn't have any problems ruleing these two factions"

Hear, hear! Iraqis, especially the majority Shiites, may not have had any freedom, and they had to endure the war with Iran in the 80s and the consequences of the invasion of Kuwait, but by golly at least there weren't any suicide bombings!

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Obama scored point in packing from Iraq that went to smoke in Afghanistan. To Iraq, dream of peace and smell the bloodshed with unending tears under the banner of Islamic sectarian's conviction. Even the media ignores you for reason and you should know why.

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A bit too late to be going on about Saddam Hussein, me thinks! Iraq is a sovereign nation, if they want to blow each other up?? Kill each other, night and, who are we to tell them to stop all of this horrible violence?? In the USA, we should worry about Detroit, LA etc..let the Iraqis do what ever the hell they want, and yes I do hate all of this violence! But better for USA to take on the mafias in Mexico etc..forget about Iraq!!

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