Iraq forces fight muddy street battle against IS in Mosul


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Let's not forget that the Islamic State's military leaders and logistics commanders are almost all Baath officers who were all fired from the Iraqi Army by Coalition Provisional Authority administrator L. Paul Bremer, appointed by VP Dick Cheney and his pal Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld under the authority of puppet President George W. Bush. Leaving the Iraqi Army without its leadership after this ill-advised de-Baathification, Bremer exacerbated the U.S.-occupied Iraq society by putting pro-Iran Sunni Muslim partisans in charge of the government. These idiotic decisions eventually let to the Al Qaeda in Iraq Sunni opposition, which eventually evolved into the Islamic State. So the U.S, treasure thrown into efforts to evict Islamic State forces from Mosul and other cities and unfortunate "non-combatant" casualties can be attributed to Neocon Republican diplomatic, strategic, and tactical errors. Isn't it great to learn that president-elect Trump is choosing to fill his cabinet with nominees from this same clueless pro-rich incompetents?

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Nice writing, Crazy Joe. I'm saving it.

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