Iraq forces retake more areas in west Mosul


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There are no winners in war but we continue to make them even though WW1 was suppose to be the war to end all wars. 100 million killed in the last century because of wars. Millions more left disabled, mentally destroyed or limps missing or ugly deformed births because of chemical agents. War is a very ugly master.

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Iraqi forces are fighting street by street, not bombing the hell out of Mosul. That's why it's slower, but that's better for Mosul residents and preserves the city to be livable instead of the massive destruction that happened in Aleppo (the Battle of Aleppo began July 2012 until December 2016 (4 years, 5 months), with the last offensive June - December 2016 lasting 7 months - and that's with bombing the hell out of Aleppo.) At least the fleeing Mosul residents can return to their homes once the battle is over, unlike the Aleppo residents whose homes were bombed into the stone age

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