Iraq suicide car bomb claims 25 lives


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It's a shame that this still occurs.

Another 25 lives wasted.

Yep, it's Al-Quaeda again.

They accepted our invitation to meet in Iraq.

Remember? Bring 'em on.

Al-Quaeda changes tactics just like any group of fighters. < :-)

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adaydream; Isolated cases such as this may occur sometimes. The terrorists though, are on the run, they have almost given up in Iraq.

This type of attck is being less and less frequent, we can expect within a year, for these attacks to be finished. The Us an Iraq armies are killing or bringing to justice the evil doers by the day.

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So if we continue to kill we might get all the terrorist killed some day? Is that what you're saying? < :-)

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adaydream; We are only targeting the bad guys who are against democracy and freedom.

Deaths occur in our fight to defeat the terrorists who wish to control Iraq. The US has done a fantastic job destroy the terrorists who were located in Iraq.

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You mean the ones we bated into Iraq.

But I see your direction. < :-)

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adaydream; Terrorists had a foot hold in Iraq before the invasion. The terrorists were already in Iraq, and lured by finacial games by by their paymeaters in Iran, they became stronger. They tried to disrupthe liberation, but have failed miserably.

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Should say paymasters in Iran.

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I won't rehash this with you. The only ones who are being paid good over there is Halliburton and their investors. There's your terrorist.

But I'm sorry to see the deaths in Iraq. < :-)

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" "Should say paymasters in Iran." "

To point out the obvious, Iran is a Shiite state, and Al-Quaida a sunni outfit. Iran might support Al-Q sometimes for tactical reasons, but in principle Al-Quaida is almost as happy blowing up Shiites as it is killing Western kuffars like you. I take it you missed that?

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I find it amazing that all the liberal, terrorist-loving, USA-hating posters here will rant, rave and scream against the US every time an article disparraging the US makes it's way to this site, but none of them show their face when the terrorists we're trying to fight turn up and explode a bomb killing innocent people..

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