Iraqi forces advance near Mosul as IS attacks western town


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Iraq troops will fail to over run the city. They aren't even house to house fighting in the city yet.

Once they get into the city it begins.....House to house 1,000 houses fighting is different.

Somethings tells me your Iraq troops will crumble. Then again the IS numbers are small to the size of the city. The Iraq troops need to enter from 3 different areas "forcing" the IS to brake up and spread out making them weaker.......If they don't spread-out, they get surrounded.

Leave on communications so they know to brake up. Turn it off after they meet them to battle it out. They can only lose and an 100% lose if they stay together.

If the Iraq troops fail they will have to enter from 3 ways to spread them out.

If they don't spread out i would hand Iraq troops lighter weapons once they surround them. Bullets that go past 2 walls at most. That stops crossfire.

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Well, this is terribly sad.

Rutba has fallen to the black Daesh, and those inside the town appealing for help have now been executed, according to Al Jazeera.

It must be so hard for ordinary people living in these towns and villages just wanting to get on with life.

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