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Iraqi Kurds say federal forces attack near disputed Kirkuk


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The Kurds seem the only trustworthy people in the region but watch us all look on as they get pooped on again...

Never forget this abortion came to us courtesy of the insane Republican party in the US. Back before they gave us the Orange Moron. Pure insanity the regime change in Iraq.

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I pray they can settle this peacefully. If any group in that region deserves their own country, it's the Kurds.

In 2014, over 100,000 Iraqi troops, who were supposed to protect the Kurdish people in this area, fled this area, leaving all their weapons and the entire population to ISIS. ISIS slaughtered, raped and enslaved the Kurdish population. 

Fast forward to 2016 and 2017. Kurdish forces, without any help from Baghdad, fought and died to retake this territory and free their people from ISIS. 

Now, Baghdad wants the territory back and under its control. 

What's wrong with this picture?????

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I want to thank George W. Bush for this unending tragedy.

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Kurds have always had a raw deal. The first person to advocate gassing them was not Sadam but a well known British politician...

Iraqi forces attacking the Kurds as ever before ... different uniforms attacking but the same mess that's been going on for generations. Dubya just accelerated the process. Not that it excuses the illegal invasion, of course.

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What a mess.  GWB to thank.  and the morons who followed him.

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Irak has become a mess thanks to what George Bush has done, the north has been "kurdified" by force, multi ethnic people that cohabited for decades are now divided.

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Here it comes, the elephant in the room, the moment everyone had been putting off.

Get rid of your common enemy and you have nothing else in common, except for the good old enmities. For Iraq the central government has their troops and the Shiite brigades in place after driving IS out of Mosul and the northern territories. They must be figuring that now is their golden chance to resolve the territory dispute with the Kurds.

The same scenario will happen in Syria as IS are eradicated, and the various-agenda besieging forces come face to face.

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