Iraqi Kurds say Islamic State used chlorine bomb


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Makes you wonder who really used Chlorine in the Syrian civil war, the Islamic rebels or the Syrian government.

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@Burning Bush The Syrian government, probably, and Russia most likely gave it to them.

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The UN investigation found it was most likely a rebel faction that used the chlorine bomb in Syria.

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Who cares which side is to blame? The fanatical Muslim terrorists or the tyrannical Assad junta makes no difference to me. Just keep murdering yourselves in the name of religion, governance, and hatred. Poison gas, barrel bombs, and mass beheadings all for your feeble false gods and power-mad despots. We malevolent space monsters can watch the gory spectacle vicariously from above and rejoice as your failed species continues its inevitable decline into oblivion. You will make our takeover of your planet oh so easy when your time soon runs out.

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Am sure the Russians are not supporting ISIS.

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@Yuri, I do not like Putin either but do you have any EVIDENCE that Russia, the Russians are supporting ISIS???

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"UN investigator Carla Del Ponte said that there is strong evidence that the rebels used chemical weapons, but that there is not evidence that the government used such weapons."

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The Kurds know well about chemical weapons. They remember well from the good ol' Saddam Hussein days.

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Baltan Seijin:

" Who cares which side is to blame? The fanatical Muslim terrorists or the tyrannical Assad junta makes no difference to me. "

Really? Under Assad, religious minorities were protected. Druzes, Christians, Yazidis, and Shiites were safe under Assad. Nobody needed to flee Syria. Assad even changed the Syrian constitution to allow non-Sunni muslims to take political office. (The Muslim Brotherhood went ballistic upon hearing of that.)

And that you is the same as the genocide of Druzes, Christians, Yazidis, and Shiites that ISIS has been carrying out, murdering all the men and old women and selling the young women off as sex slaves?

That is "no difference" to you? Seriously?

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This never happened because there are no WMD's in Iraq. The global liberals have been chanting that mantra for more than a decade.

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Global liberal= someone who is not neoconservative (in many people's view anyway).

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