Iraqis uneasy at idea of early U.S. withdrawal


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"Hope you like the gifts the Bushes left behind"

Lessee... free from a ruthless dictator who was running the country into the ground from his many luxurious palaces... led by a freely elected government that doesn't seek WMD or thretaen its neighbors... yeah, thanks!

Moderator: Saddam Hussein is not relevant to this discussion.

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Not to mention his two psycopathic sons and his brutal, satistic police force. Sadam did everything he could to convince the world he had WMDs including stone-walling the U.N. inspectors.

Moderator: Readers stay on topic please. Saddam Hussein is not relevant to this discussion.

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Take it easy,free iraqis.

We all may lose or win,we all may never be here again

Only easy way to peace,take it easy on iraqi people,free Iraq.

Lighten up Free Iraq,with peace,take it easy .

Free Iraq,stay easy .

Take it easy and lighten up with peace,free Iraq.

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I guess the big question is whether or not life in Iraq will be better after the US forces leave than before they arrived to oust he-who-is-not-relevant-to-this-discussion. All fair-minded people hope the Iraqi can emerge stronger and more secure (and free) regardless of the bogus reasons for attacking Iraq in the first place.

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Well, next time you're in Iraq, ask a Kurd or a Shia. I was there for 4 and 1/2 years and talked to and worked with more Iraqis than you've probably seen on TV. First hand knowledge vs CNN propaganda.

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techall Ask them what? Did they (the Kurds) appreciate being abandoned by Poppa Bush after being encouraged to rise up against Saddam?

Will life be better for the Kurds and all Iraqis after the US forces leave? One would hope so, but there are no guarantees.

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Just like Japan, we must stay in Iraq perpetually. The NWO demands it, plus they have oil.

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Only two oil production contracts have been awarded by the Iraqi Government so far: one to BP and one to the chinese.

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Seriously MOD, how can Saddam Hussein NOT be relevant to ANY discussion or article on Iraq? If Saddam is off topic here than the same standard should apply to Bush who also is not mentioned anywhere in the article. You're moderation is simply not fair in this case.

Moderator: On the contrary, too many readers try and rehash old arguments about what life was like under Saddam, whether he had WMDs, etc, none of which is relevant to the current topic, namely what life will be like for Iraqis once the U.S. forces leave. Try commenting on that. It will make the discussion much more interesting.

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“What do these government promises and assurances that security is under control mean? I strongly demand that the Americans return to the streets and with even more presence than before.”

And who's going to pay for it? < :-)

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I am glad others are also noticing your selective moderating on these threads. There seems to be some bias going on. Someone should moderate the moderators! You can't have a decent discussion without the slightest mention of Bush or Saddam.

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I hope they can hold their own now that their land has been seriously messed up and most infrastructure destroyed and not yet rebuilt, but I have my doubts.

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Smith I have my doubts too. And I'm blaming no one but themselves. Well and a few other groups who'd rather settle scores than to build a country that will work. Doesn't surprise me in the backward middle east. Once a desert always a desert.

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The US should stay and pay until it's fixed and functioning again. They broke it, they should fix it.

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"They broke it, they should fix it"

Iraq was broken long before the U.S. liberated the place.

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Iraq nationalism is being tested,it is broke and need to be fixed by PM maliki.

The potential is there for iraqi excellence in a sanctions free iraq.

They already have enough potential via future petro dollars.

Pioneer iraq arab new nationalist PM maliki need to fix the heart woes in the iraq national systems,which is still in infancy(6 years old),like a soul healer.

In fact whole developing middle east has heart/soul woes in the systems,which need fixing like in many other developing nations of world via better soul healer governance.

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[They broke it, they should fix it.] -- I love flip flop on the "Get Out Now!" crowd. Now that they plan a withdrawl the complainers still are not happy.

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smithinjapan: most infrastructure destroyed and not yet rebuilt

Sources? And I don't mean from 2004...

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