Irish, EU governments sound out Johnson to avoid no-deal Brexit


Ahead of Boris Johnson's likely election this week as Britain's prime minister, EU countries are secretly wooing him in a bid to thrash out a new Brexit plan that would avoid a no-deal disaster, the Sunday Times newspaper reported.

Senior Irish politicians and diplomats have held talks with two of Johnson's cabinet allies in recent days, it said. German and French figures as well as the Dutch and Belgian governments have also established contact with Johnson's team and signalled an intention to do a deal, it added.

In a limited extract released on Saturday evening ahead of publication, the paper reported that Irish Foreign Minister Simon Coveney has indicated Dublin is prepared to compromise.

Johnson has pledged to take Britain out of the EU on Oct 31 with or without a deal but Coveney said in an article for the paper that EU member Ireland wants to avoid a no-deal exit at all costs.

"If Britain decides to leave without a deal it could cause huge damage to us all," he wrote. "A no-deal Brexit would devastate the northern Irish economy."

Johnson is widely expected to have easily beaten his rival, Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt, when the result of a ballot of members of the ruling Conservative Party for their next leader to replace Theresa May is announced on Tuesday.

May resigned two months ago after failing to persuade parliament to back the exit deal she struck with the EU last November.

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Don’t listen to them Mr Johnson. Give us the no deal Brexit and save the taxpayers billions of pounds.

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Boris will fail and destroy his party if he goes the way of a no deal. Conservatives will resign taking away his slim majority. The government will collapse and a general election called.

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Northern Ireland will have a vote for independence

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Well, it's been said Boris, if elected, will bet the UK's last Prime Minister. I believe he will be. No way there can be a Brexit and UK Ireland. Shame they didn't think a little harder instead of thinking their racist tendencies could not be reversed.

They are only slightly smarter than the US, and only a few years ahead of their downfall. I always loved Benny Hill. When he died, when I was a kid, it was a shock for me. But I can still hear his music and see the tomfoolery when I see what's going on in Britain.

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Ireland has always been considered partially outside of Europe, so should consider this situation seriously, they also promoted the Brexit issue themselves, causing the current problem, and should therefore expect to be the solution. So there! I would, were I PM in the uk, INVADE Ireland, and reclaim what we gave away in the 1920's... so there.

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One has to incite a curve ball bit of provocation in order to get discussions out of a rut.. in which they seem to be at present :-) No offense....

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