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Irish leader sees no UK will to end Brexit trade standoff


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Nth Ireland Dairy Farming reps came out today to demand no change in Protocol as it would cause massive damage to Dairy farmers (one e.g. being they send milk south for processing, as no facilities exist to do it north on large commercial scale). Business rep org's have similarly said Protocol is giving business best of both worlds and any paperwork is acceptable trade off. It is simply untrue to suggest the protocol (i.e. trade paperwork) is equivalent to a "border between UK&NI" & that it is economically damaging to NI. It is, in fact, economically advantageous to NI. Unionists are on record as saying that its all about symbolism to them and that they'd rather the economy was in ruins than it appearing as though there was no border between north & south.

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Might have been able to but were hijacked by the "tally ho" extreme right who have visions of Britannia ruling the waves.

Now they face massive inflation, zero economic growth and a breakdown of basic services.

And Johnson rather than admit his mistakes will pour more fuel on the fire to try and deflect.

United kingdom more like the dis-united kingdom.

Destroyed by the egos of a few toffs

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Exactly the British electorate were sold a lie.

They wanted to leave the EU without leaving the single marker.

Might have been able but they were hijacked b

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The EU threatened 'no access' to EU single market if Britain voted to leave, then it forced Teresa May to leave or accept various punishment. There was never an option for the UK to remain a part of the Single Market if it left the EU.

Sigh...so much history revisionism from the undemocratic EU it's astounding. Read up on the USB C saga, it's amazing how unelected dictocrats can force a company to design their products to suit the whim of some irrelevanz.

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@kohakuebisu, an interesting take on the subject. I had never thought of it as you do. I thought it was a package deal but your take has changed my view.

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The Anglo-Irish Agreement does not appear to have contained any means of accommodating the UK leaving the EU.

The problem has been caused by politicians in the UK choosing to leave the Single Market and Customs Union. The British public only voted to leave the EU, which in itself does not cause problems with the Good Friday Agreement.

Most of the things promised to voters voting leave, like frictionless trade, could only happen if Britain had remained in the SM and/or CU. The referendum was about leaving the EU, not leaving the SM and CU. That decision was taken post-Brexit by politicians. The consequences for Northern Ireland when this decision was taken, by PM Johnson by the way, were already known.

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The unionists are right in that having a border between NI and GB has been economically damaging. They were also promised by The Clown that it would never happen. So you can understand why they are a but miffed.

The Anglo-Irish Agreement does not appear to have contained any means of accommodating the UK leaving the EU. Usually such things cover all eventualities. Apparently they missed that one. I'm sure the artful bodgers at EU HQ can cobble a solution together, but it is not in Johnson's interest to reach a comprise. There is far more political capital to be had in not doing a deal. Nationalism 101. Many JP and SK politicians would be sagely nodding at that.

Ultimately, anyone who takes Johnson at his word should expect to find themselves in the position the EU are in. Don't say you weren't warned.

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English lost their empire after first world war, now they are losing their influence in Europe and later the UK will cease to exist thanks to your pathetic Brexit..

What you invade sooner or later you will lose..

Learn from Rome..

Same goes for the neighbor on the other side of the atlantic..

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