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IS claims it brought down Russian airliner over Sinai, killiing 224


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Looks like a false claim from ISIS. Kind of stupid, in fact, as it's the sort of thing Putin would orchestrate to drum up support for his war there. He was willing to blow up some people in Moscow to push his agenda in Chechnya, so a plane explosion for the same reasons seems plausible. Meanwhile, the ISIS barbarians, hungry for a little attention, stand up to take claim. Mouse, meet moustrap.

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As for ISIS, they have no real agenda but to spread terror! And the more powerful enemies they make the better. Too bad they know how to use "The Internet" They're so hi-Tech!

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Our heartfelt sympathies to the families. Their loss has no depth and the pain in their heart is immeasurable. Tragedies speak a universal language and touch us all.

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Dear Mr "Burning Bush", Any idea why the Russians would blow a Jetliner out of the skies over the Ukraine?

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He was willing to blow up some people in Moscow to push his agenda in Chechnya

I love a good conspiracy theory but so far, I've seen no proof that Putin blew up those apartments. Do you have anything concrete?

Anyway, the pilots had reported to Egypt of having "technical problems" before the plane went down. So, we can rule out a missile launch. A small bomb or some type of electrical/mechanical sabotage would be the only way. Can ISIS do that? Possible some ISIS member working at Sharm el Sheikh airport. Any well funded intelligence agency, CIA/Mossad/MI6/SVR(Russian) are certainly capable as well.

Or, as I've seen many times on History Channels "Mayday" program, most accidents happen from technical and human error.

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any explanation for why ISIS would try to target a Russian airliner?

____________________________________________________ lol Any explanation why the videos they posted that supposedly justify the attack have already been proven fake, why IS puts up more Hollywood produced images of their exploits than verifiable raw footage ?

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@BurnedBush Time to start checking the maintenance logs at the Egyptian airport to see who fiddled with the plane.

Are you suggesting there was a conspiracy?

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It is possible ISIS did it, it is possible they did not and simply take credit. What is certain is that they would if if they could, and that their chances of doing it are increasing with arms shipment they are getting from Western and Arab countries.

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What a terrible incident. Watch out. Putin will want blood n' Guts for this. . . . don't blame him.

Shooting down russian military aircraft is fair game all day long, passenger airlines are unacceptable.

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@Bartholomew Harte

Any idea why the Russians would blow a Jetliner out of the skies over the Ukraine?

Why some people repeat the same lie again and again? Show some decency!

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Anyway, the pilots had reported to Egypt of having "technical problems" before the plane went down.

Good point Fizzbit, and I'm sure the black boxes will eventually shed light on this. However, have you noticed it is only Russian new services that are reporting this, not the Egyptian authorities? The fact is that Putin's involvement in Syria is not popular in Russia, and if this does turn out to be blowback, the populace will turn further against it. So Putin has every incentive to make this appear typical Russian airline incompetence rather than sabotage. (Man, what a choice! - but you sleep in the bed you've made.)

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I got my info from the Aviation Week Network.

An Egyptian official claimed the crew had declared an emergency because of unspecified technical problems and requested diversion to the nearest airport. The Egyptian government was fast in ruling out a terrorist attack.


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Why would ISIS claim want to claim it responsibility for this? To show the world how cruel and determined they are? If so, that's too dull.

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I always think of the people waiting at home in the airports at times like this, waiting for loved ones whom they have now learned they will never see again. Imagine that horror, not only dealing with the loss, but also hoping and praying that death was quick, and painless, I can't begin to comprehend how survivors deal with all that. Be thankful that you were not standing in an airport in St. Petersburg waiting for a loved one who is never coming home.

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Pravda said the pilots had complained of engine problems on the aircraft last week.

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Based on Russia's safety track record with airliners in regulation, maintenance and training, I am placing my 'guess' as it is only a guess that is was a mechanical issue that brought down the aircraft.

Very doubtful on any of the conspiracy theories at this point because they really wouldn't service Russia's needs after MH17.

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If there is one country with the fortitude to take on and crush ISIS it is the Russians. The West has more or less lost its appetite to fight, but Russia not so. Do not mess with them.

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Thanks for the link, Fizzbit. Whatever the cause, it is a terrible tragedy.

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Are people so readily to believe ISIS? Remember, they're always so quick to associate themselves just to achieve more publicity that's good for recruitment, no matter how tenuous the connection, like those "lone wolf" terrorists in America and Europe. There'll always be conspiracy theorists, from Ukraine to protests in Syria. And ISIS will continue to claim what they can claim that doesn't mean anything, since it's no consequence to them.

Anyways, the Russian pilot already radioed in about mechanical problems just before the crash. The black boxes seem to be recovered intact. This is something we can actually find out a good answer for not too long. No need to take their word for it.

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" Why would ISIS claim want to claim it responsibility for this? To show the world how cruel and determined they are? If so, that's too dull. "

No, to show how strong they are. ISIS has been bragging with their violence for a long time, and has been attracting followers that way. They are following Bin Ladins advice: "If people see a strong horse and a weak horse, they will prefer the strong horse". The islamists present islam as strong and the West as weak.

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Unless ISIS sabotaged the plane before take off -- and I mean WELL before take off since the pilot's family reported him as complaining about the plane beforehand -- I really don't think this was them because of the contact regarding technical problems and the pilot saying he'd try to land elsewhere.

RIP to those lost.

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Operated by Middle East Airlines at the time, this same airframe suffered a hard tailstrike in Cairo on Nov 16, 2001, causing "serious damage".


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Let's wait for the black box info and further investigation before taking ISIS' word for it.

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A planted bomb is possible, but someone mentioned the plane was at 31,000 feet, it took a large, truck-mounted Buk missile to shoot down MH-17 at around that level with another truck full of radar equipment. All equipment ISIS is unlikely to have. Planes at that height are the ones you can barely see from ground, not subject to shootdowns by shoulder-mounted missiles.

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It looks like the tail came off mid air possibly due to internal structural weaknesses.

Never believe ISIS without good reason, they lie as much as politicians.

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