Islamic State claims attack that killed 85-year-old French priest


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Slitting the throat of an elderly priest. They must be proud.

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The attack was in the small village of Saint-Étienne-du-Rouvray just south of the city of Rouen, capital of the Normandy region. French press is reporting that two guys came through the back door of the church proclaiming something about the Islamic State during mass being said by 86 yr old Father Jacques Hamel and attended by two nuns and two worshipers. Another person besides the priest was slain and one of the worshipers severely injured and is between life and death. Terrible time.

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After his release, he had to wear an electronic monitoring bracelet

He had already threatened to attack a church, according to witness testimony collected in his neighborhood.

France needs to start building massive detention centres to hold these people rather than letting them run around with monitoring bracelets. They also need to dramatically increase the police presence at sensitive sites and covert surveillance in Islamic neighborhoods were these plots are being hatched and openly discussed. (At the very least, a massive effort to counter terrorism would help create much needed jobs for young people.)

On the whole, multiculturalism has been a great success in France when you consider that they have been able to successfully integrate every other culture from around the world. They should be proud of their acheivement, but there is nothing wrong or defeatist about admitting that one particular culture is simply too diametrically opposed to French secular values to be successfully integrated (at least in its current form).

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One of the assailants was identified as Adel Kermiche, a 19-year-old who grew up in the town and tried to travel to Syria twice last year using family members’ identity documents, but was arrested outside France and handed preliminary terrorism charges.

What sort of revolting hateful ideology makes young people kill other members of their own community ?

I feel for the people of France....

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Some media are saying a beheading. Wouldnt surprise me, after the French police covered up the Bataclan atrocities.

France is helpless in dealing with a crisis its own policymakers created. It has thousands of churches and many, many more other institutions like Jewish schools that it doesnt have the resources to defend. The country will end up losing, and Islamic terror will prevail.

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"This has nothing to do with Islam"

This does have something to do with Islam. It isn't Quakers or secular humanists who are attracted to the IS message. The sooner people start dealing with facts the better.

Slitting the throat of an elderly priest in what looks like a ritualized slaughter? That's a shocking fact in 21st century France.

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Soldiers of an Islamic cult? Calling Daesh a 'state' lends legitimacy to them. They're a state only in the sense of 'state of insanity driven by twisted religious beliefs.'

Only an insane group of sick cowards would want to take credit for the evil they are spawning. Killing an elderly priest and attacking defenseless elderly? Call them Daesh. Or just evil.

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is it just me, or does everyone now believe any potential terrorist now overwhelmingly believes attacking the West is easy?

Or perhaps Germany needs to just step up their game like France, and declare a state of emergency and marshal law.

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I'm afraid these attacks will just continue. To grow in frequency and depravity. There are many 'soldiers' waiting for their turn. This boy was born in France but he obviously finds his identity elsewhere.

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crouchingSamurai, its not just you.

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Cowards. Rest in Peace to the poor old priest.

Hopefully many French civil servants lose their jobs over this, and possibly are jailed. How on earth can an identified terrorist - who has threatened to launch an attack on a church - be allowed to wander freely? Reports are coming in that this scumbag's 16-year-old brother has been captured. Lets hope they wont let this little pig go...

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These attacks are now the norm, unfortunately. I have Muslim friends, who are great people and would never commit such acts of barbarism and I fully agree that not all Muslims would engage in this type of activity. Also, I recognize that many victims if radical Islamic terror are actually other Muslims.

However, I now think the point is coming where the non-radical Muslims need to start to figure out how to reign in the radicalized barbarians, or a day will come when the innocent Muslims will have to pay a price for the minority of those carrying these acts out.

Short of extreme measures, I am not sure there is much we Infidels can do to thwart these continuous attacks and each attack that occurs increases the chances of extreme measures being demanded by Europeans and finally being carried out.

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Tokyo-Eng you keep missing the main problem behind this. It's not the Muslims, or the radicalized Muslims, its the IDEOLOGY in the first place. A Muslim can leave Islam any time they wish. They'll no longer be Muslim (a follower of Islam) although the IDEOLOGY will try it's hardest to say they can't leave even if they declare apostasy and should be persecuted for doing so. Some Muslims take the IDEOLOGY much more literal and direct than others. It indoctrinates them that they have no existence or critical thinking outside the religions dictate.

What happened here is the Islamists wet dream, to eliminate all other religious beliefs outside of Islam. Because Islam is supposed to be the ultimate truth and can never be denied, criticized, or rebelled against. And if you think this stops at just religion, how do you think atheists will fare? At least Islam considers Christians and Judaic followers as "People of the Book". Just not the Qur'an.

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Euro governments will likely be helpless to stop these attacks using status quo methods. Elections will probably bring in new governments willing to impose more extreme controls. It could be ugly I'm afraid. It could lead to lots more conflict. Perhaps that is what the terrorist want. Decent people at each other's throats. But something needs to be done. This problem has been looming for many many years in Europe. The powers that be didn't deal with it while it was still manageable.

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If muslims continue with these murders I say Mecca should be bombed until it is nothing but a hole in the ground.

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Some feel ISIS only needs love. No, ISIS needs gone! This organization does NOTHING good for any segment of humanity. Nothing.

Cowardly attacks on innocent people. They hate western society yet many choose the reside within. They tollerate not even slight differences in their own beliefs.

ISIS must be eliminated or we will have victims weekly in years to come.

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no muslims demonstrating on the streets against these outrages


Les fédérations et responsables de mosquées français ont lancé de manière unitaire un "appel des musulmans de France" contre Daech, l'État islamique.

Stop Daesh : des musulmans français manifestent contre l'organisation terroriste (VIDEO)

«Notre pays est touché de plein fouet par les actions funestes de Daech, et nous devons réagir en conséquence pour empêcher à la fois les massacres de populations là-bas, et le délitement grandissant de notre société, en France.» C'est par ces mots que certains musulmans appellent à se rassembler dimanche au Trocadéro, contre la «barbarie» de l'État islamique

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Call them Daesh. Or just evil.

No-no, radical islam works just fine.

ISIS must be eliminated or we will have victims weekly in years to come.

Looney politicians and US (D) presidential nominee & her foolish endorsers would do not see that. They believe ISIS is contained, they're the JV Team. There is no threat, according to them. It's time to "build bridges."

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On the whole, multiculturalism has been a great success in France when you consider that they have been able to successfully integrate every other culture from around the world. They should be proud of their acheivement, but there is nothing wrong or defeatist about admitting that one particular culture is simply too diametrically opposed to French secular values to be successfully integrated (at least in its current form).

M3M3M3 is totally right! Muslims from radical countries gave a very bad name to the words "Immigration" and "Multiculturalism" since only clashes between the muslim guests and the local community comes to mind when you talk about it. Multiculturalism isn't the chaos that's happening now. It's somewhat strange that many people here mock Mr. Trump's protectionist policies yet are very aware of the problem and preach the very same rhetoric (stop them while we figure out what's going on). IMHO it's all about trying to look politically correct at all costs, for a change....

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The straw that broke the camels back should have been years ago when they were in Syria and N? Iraq slaughtering any and all they don't accept which is just about everyone. Back in the time we were told they are a JV team. ISIS is now global and a much more difficult foe.

Free Islamic people's all over the world need to speak up if they see or know of the cancerous radical growth within. This gains respect from non Muslims and protects all people. Radical Islamist kill Muslim too. They have no barriers.

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Klaus Dorth:

" And I am sure there are hundreds if not even thousands of them. "

Yes there are, and a big thank you to Angela Merkel!

" This has nothing to do with Islam, this is plain terror! "

So the jihad against the disbelievers is related which belief system? Do tell us.

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