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IS hangs 2 boys for eating during Ramadan


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Most of religions and cultures favor teaching while Muslims rather save time and effort and prefer killing. It is not only Daesh it is all over the Muslim world that capital punishment is measure of choice and very much enjoyed entertainment by crowds.

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IS hangs 2 boys for eating during Ramadan

You'd think a slap on the hand would've sufficed. Those barbarians have no respect for life-

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They didn't "hang" them. They suspended them by their wrists. They're not dead.

Once again the sensationalist headline wins out....

Moderator: The story doesn't say they are dead. And you most certainly can hang someone by their wrists.

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Naw really Sherlock? I know they ain't dead. . . But my statement still stands at face value. No respect for human life, dignity, their twisted religious world in decline-

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"accusing them of eating during daylight hours in the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan,"

Hey, some people don't believe in your silly religion, you twisted goons.

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Sick bastards! RIP poor, hungry kids in that messed up part of the world.

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Demonic forces at work full time with these guys. Those that say evil is just a matter of perspective, surely must have gotten a wake up call by now.

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