IS jihadists execute more than 40 tribesmen in Iraq's Anbar


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Sunnis killing Sunnis.....killing shiites who are killing Sunnis..... I think I get it now...

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Ah, isn´t it wonderful to see the fruits of the Arab Spring which our leaders supported so enthusiastically.

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Western leaders were stuck between a rock and a hard place, with not much enthusiasm either way, I suspect. Finally learning their lesson, they all held back over Syria. Going against local dictators such as Ghaddafi, and praying for the green delicate shoots of democracy, in some cases they actually helped open cracks for other weeds to grow.

Back on topic, it seems that the harsher and the more bloodthirsty IS executioners are, the more their status rises within the gaggle. Woe to innocent, ordinary people trying to keep living peacefully in their ancestral lands around there. Very sad.

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