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IS puts up heavy fight to slow Iraqi troop advance on Ramadi


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ISIS is being pushed back and without U.S. ground troops. Mosul is next. Obama's strategy is working.

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Hi Bush,

I hope you got that new Putin man fragrance I sent you for Christmas. Dear Leader No5 wasn't it ?

I'm not sure what you're banging on about here though it is the Iraqi army and US air strikes hitting the madbeards here.

Plus this article is several days old - Daesh have had yet another territory ripped from their insane clutches, Ramadi has been liberated.

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Not sure that the Russians had anything to do with this outcome.

As before, look at the evidence - IS has only succeeded where defences have been weak or defenders demoralised, and its main "weapon" is a ready supply of morons who have been persuaded that blowing themselves up in order to kill others is a path to paradise.

In the long run this strategy clearly CANNOT WORK. Nor is it smart to make enemies of absolutely everyone or to extort & terrorise the citizens of your new "state". Hence, against properly armed, supported and organised opponents, IS have always lost, and will go on losing. In Tikrit, in Sinjar, in Tal Abyad, in Ramadi and soon enough in Jarabulus and Aleppo and Palmyra, Mosul and Raqqa.

IS is doomed - if nothing else by its own stupidity.

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What's up with ISIS losing most of Ramadi to the infidels?

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