Islamic center linked to terror suspects in Australia shuts down


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Men? Where exactly is the Islamic Centre denying a link to these men (terror suspects) in the article above?

Quote: After the raids on Saturday, Al-Furqan distanced itself from the men. “We wish to clarify that there was no connection between Al-Furqan center (Centre) and these raids, and that claims to the contrary are unfounded and misleading,” it said.

Sorry, don't buy it. And there is nothing contrite in their blatantly disingenuous statements as they shut themselves down for the time being.

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Yep!Better get all them Radicals out before it's Too Late. Go lay the blame for 9/11 where it belongs. Radical Islam! I'm sure the Australian Gov.t.know exactly who the players are & are(I hope!)sending these criminals back to thier "Beloved Homelands"where they can breathe free of the oder of the infidels who dare say Freedom to All no matter the religion or race.

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The Al-Furqan Islamic Center was in Springvale South and it was 10 minutes walk from my home in Springvale. I speak with my friend Muslim and his friends they are regular visitor to the center. I asked about their view on Australian peoples and Government. We frankly discussed about Islamist extremism in Australia.

They believe Muslims’ youth who were arrested by AFP was setting up by Australian Government and AFP. He told me Muslims who pay income tax to Government was against the Islamic law and Muslims were setting up by Australian Government because Australian Government does not like Muslim. Also 9/11 was evil worked of US Government for to colonized oil rich Iraq and invade Muslim countries. They believe Australia will becoming Islamic nation and we should practice Sharia law. He compares birth rate between other Australians’ families and Muslims’ families. Average Muslim family has 8 or more children and other Australian families only have one or two children. So Muslim will become major population of Australia. I asked it’s what Muslims believe and he said all Muslims believe it. He invites me to come to Mosque with him. He and his friends from Al-Furqan Islamic Center are friendly peoples but their ideology was difference from other migrant communities in Springvale. No one has complained about the Al-Furqan Islamic Center in Springvale South because it was not Mosque and no noisy like Mosque. The Al-Furqan Islamic Center was like an ideology exchange center for Muslims.

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Paul Richards

After all it was the U.S. that waged nuclear war in the middle east using depleted uranium.

Well that is a new mouth-foaming claim, I'll give you that. How about commenting on the story or would that require reading?

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Is it in the Shuras or the Hadiths Willi?

Have you read the Koran yet?

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Hawkeye wrote: 'Stop the breeding grounds and you will stop this epidemic. Interesting premise, very simplistic.

Because the breeding ground from this perspective is where all Abrahamic values^ are promoted.

As these values are at the centre of all major conflict around the planet. Whether it's 8th through to 21st century adversarial Abrahamic thinking, the results are sickening.

So the issue of breeding grounds is subjective to a personal altitude and subsequent worldview.

After all it was the U.S. that waged nuclear war in the middle east using depleted uranium. An issue their centre of gravity is still wilful blind too. Not to go into the arms dealing corporations based in countries with the same values and the countless adversarial episodes in theatres of conflict.


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HAwkeye, trust me, its not only the US, Europe is battling this issue for years now. No solution in sight. I hope Japan is paying attention.

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I wish that the USA had the ability to shut down centers for terrorist recruitment but alas the USA is so dysfunctional mentally, politically and has no common sense that this type of action could and will never happen. This is why these perverted Muslims can gain ground and followers around the world. Stop the breeding grounds and you will stop this epidemic.

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Its supporters are still there, the ideology is still there, and nobody is even discussing that. They will re-invent themselves under a different name and continue to promote the Jihad.

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