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Islamic State 'Beatle' found guilty of all charges in U.S. hostage deaths

By Chris Lefkow

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Those torture techniques that psychotic El Shafee Elsheikh used on innocent people were developed in Northern Ireland by psychotics in the British military in internment camops then exported to other countries.

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He wanted to be sent to Britain or the United States "where he could get a fair trial," she said.

It's great when you get what you hoped for in life.

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one act doesn't justify the other though. It's not as if his "I did it to help muslims" excuse is justified as his group also killed, maimed, raped and degraded other muslims.......he is just a bad ba##ard and deserves everything he gets.

Good, I hope he enjoys the rest of his puff at Uncle Sam's pleasure.

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Ten former European and Syrian hostages testified at the trial accusing the "Beatles" of months of brutal treatment including beatings, electric shocks, waterboarding and mock executions.

It’s uncanny how the list of atrocities carried out by the captors in this case mirror the ill treatment meted out by the Americans on Afghanis and Iraqis over the years…

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