Islamic State claims responsibility for Kabul attack; 80 dead


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Digital and Colorful Stone Age Era from 2001~ History will judge? No, it has been judged now.

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When I applied for citizenship and signed immigration documents in the US they always had written questions about whether I was a member or knew members of the Nazi Party.

Of course, had I written yes it would've been enough to deny approving any paperwork I was doing.

They should begin replacing "Nazi Party" with "ISIS" making ANY affiliation to this disease organization open to severe persecution and banishment.

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And less than 4 years ago we were told ISIS is the Jay-vee team. I said it then, I say it now. Destroy ISIS! They were regional then, they're global now. Destroy ISIS.

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They should begin replacing "Nazi Party" with "ISIS" making ANY affiliation to this disease organization open to severe persecution and banishment. Although nobody would be stupid enough to tick "yes".

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Don't worry folks. . . according to Obama, IS is on the run. The jv team is "contained." . . . stay tuned. More violence ahead, more denial and more tolerance preaching by the administration & HRC. How sickening.

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Obviously this not so much about Obama as about Islam and Muslims in relations to the rest of the world.

It is time everyone woke up to the fact that this is a "religious" war, not a misguided interpretation of Islam, a Jihad. It is becoming much more obvious that this is becoming a global war to change the world order and the way of life. The entire world must first "identify" what is the basic underlying motivation and trigger that Islam has in relation to the youths of the world today that unleashed such behavior.

At least we know for sure that these acts are being carried out by young men and women. We also know that it is being incited and coordinated by older religious leaders (Imams). That means Muslims of all ages are involved.

It is also well coordinated and financed. That means it is well organized.

That in itself is the big question... what is the real organization? Is it ISIS? Or is it a much bigger organization?

There is Hamas, Alquida, Muslim Brotherhood, BokoHaram, Palestinians, Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia... and what others?

The next question is something most have not really identified or addressed ... What is or are their "real" , "primary" and "final" target or targets?

And finally... Who or what is to benefit from all of this?

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In an area of more then 50 people, full proof checkpoint's must be set up.

Cement blast proof kevlar checkpoint's.


Cement bomb blast checkpoints that have pop up poles.

Car pulls in "front pop up poles are already up" then the back poles go up.

A sniffer dog now goes around the car, as cameras show the troops and sniffer dogs reaction.

Troops can no longer get put on the spot, nor can they be bribed.

Dog clears car, front polls go down and the car pulls up to troops "cleared" of explosives.

Photo of strategy on Russian fb page.

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I said it then, I say it now. Destroy ISIS!

Any suggestions for how we go about it, or is that someone else's problem?

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I say this again. Best solution is investing in education is the only way for coming generations.

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NATO and a global coalition for starters. They were sitting ducks a few years ago, now....every inhabitable continent.

The Islamic community needs to purge the hate that festers within. If they would step up and actively participate these vetting discussions would be history.

Terrorism anywhere is a zero tolerance crime. Repercussions wold result in terrorist acts. The French dig deep in investigations and keep it up. People everywhere deserve a chance to just enjoy life.

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Best solution is investing in education

But does it guarantee learning and a more prosperous future? I'm not criticizing - just the opposite, but how best to invest? A year at university or a year at work? How does it apply to rural Afghanistan? For a person there who is thinking of his or her children's future, what are the best options?

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Afghan needs to get that lithium and minerals out the ground ASAP.

They would be looking at just building army bases around the mines then pumping the stuff up as fast as they can.

It's been estimated they have trillions of dollars worth of the stuff, so they would be talking about creating massive high paying job's along with making big bucks.

Afghanistan needs to self fund there country from interest, self funding all gov departments and rising cost for life why they can. I think they get given about $8 billion pa to run the country and to pay for their troops.

To self fund there country they would do this. From $1 trillion dollars They will will get $80 billion dollars pa to self fund state gov department's pa, and self fund them for life like this.

If a department spends $400 million pa in budget cost, it get's given $10 billion dollars in a safe interest fund, that will make it $650 million pa. You spend the $400 million but save back up the extra $250 million pa. It's that $250 million interest put back in making interest interest, that pays for a 35% budget rise every 10 years, or $15 million dollar rise pa. Self funded for life no more rising cost.

Afghan needs to start these mines up, and if i was them i would alow Chinese army in to build bases around them mines and to man them with Chinese troops.

Once Afghan makes $500 billion over 4 years, they would have self funded most department's.

Let's say they have 20 big hospitals, that cost $200 million pa to run. That's $4 billion pa. $100 billion dollars self funds there health department for life, and health is the biggest budget of all.

After 4 years every signal budget would be self funded for life now, and even paying for a rise in cost pa for life.

Afghan is a mess and the people that live their need jobs to stop working for the terrorist......This could so that.

Think if they made $20 billion pa and spent it all on jobs, they would have millions of people working....Entire pop employed.

They need the mines open ASAP and need to make $250 billion to employ every person in that country from the interest money alone. Self funding their departments for life is a very smart thing to do.

Once these things above take shape, then job jobs can be made in the country. That means people will get a Education to get good paying job's.

China is good mates with Pakistan, so attacks would be small.

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The Islamic community needs to purge the hate that festers within. If they would step up and actively participate these vetting discussions would be history.

@MarkG, that raises only a million questions.

Is there such a thing as "the Islamic community"? Does that include Sunnis, Shias, Ahmadis, and others? Do they all have the same "festering hate"? Should they all accept equal responsibility? Should an Afghani goat herder step up just like a Paris imam? Does "the Christian community" need to purge hate in the same way for the killings at abortion clinics or the sexual abuse of children in Christian care facilities?

Why can't decent Muslims not just be allowed to get on with their lives in the same way as you or I? And if they can't, don't they have a right to be as p*ssed off as the rest of us? I say there is no Allah and there is no God and there is no karma, and I'm on the side of those who wish me no harm for saying so, even if they disagree. Others beware!

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