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Islamic State morphs and grows in Pakistan, Afghanistan


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Leave them be to work out their own problems.

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“The Taliban received a major boost after its victory in Afghanistan,” said Roggio, who is also a senior fellow at the conservative Foundation for the Defense of Democracies.

Hard core neo-con propaganda spout partially financed by the National Endowment for Democracy.

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IS and Alquida are backed in Syria backed by CIA in their war against Assad. there are 1500+ unaccounted anti-tank and anti aircraft weapons for sale on the dark web from Ukraine nationalists. Obviously Pakistani people are emboldened by taped evidence of a US facilitated regime change, so Pakistani population might accept some IS. But Taliban no way.

watch the mass anti US protests all over Pakistan already.

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IS and Alquida are backed in Syria backed by CIA in their war against Assad.

Stop with the false stories. The CIA funded and armed the Afghan Mujahideen during the war with the Soviets in the 1980s. AQ grew out of that but AQ was mostly Arabic while the Mujahideen are primarly Pashtun, often derisively called "Persians" by even though they are not and are sworn enemies.

Likewise AQ and Daesh are bitter enemies. Daesh also considers the Taliban their enemy. Why? Because the Taliban only want to control Afghanistan while Daesh wants a caliphate that runs from Pakistan to Spain. Daesh considers the Taliban to be nationalist and thus heretics because of that. The US has troops in Syria and Iraq fighting Daesh. Daesh grew out of Shiite oppression of Sunnis in Iraq and Syria. To them Shiites are heretics that are to be put to death on sight.

The country that does support AQ directly and some say also supports Daesh is Turkey. Turkey sponsors a group called Tahrir al-Sham, often abbreviated HTS, the core of which is the former Nusra front of Al Qaeda. They took in some peripheral terrorist tribal groups and renamed themselves HTS and are now trying to rebrand themselves as the legitimate government of northern Syria. They attempt to govern the northern section of Syria carved out by the Turkish Army and receive support, arms and protection from the Turks while some local tribes view them as infidels. There is growing information that Daesh also operates there freely in the same region controlled by the Turkish Army. If not receiving direct support the Turks are turning a blind eye to them as the Turks are more interested in fighting the Kurds that fighting Daesh. In HTS they have found a convenient auxiliary.

Please spend some time reading Al Jazeera, AL-Monitor and Nordic Research Monitoring Group to learn what is going in in that region. Do some serious study before making such flippant and obviously incorrect statements.

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What is also interesting if you take the time to read the Turkish press is just how much the Turks in the current Erdogan government hate both the US and NATO. The Erdogan regime openly and passionately anti European and anti-Christian. Little by little they are creating an Islamic theocracy there. The Turks have a clandestine missile development program with the Chinese and Mr. Erdogan has openly called for Turkey to develop its own nuclear weapons. Russia is building nuclear power plants in Turkey right now and many in the west fear these will be used to source nuclear material for bombs to be mounted on their ballistic missiles.

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If Turkey was in Ukraine they'd be allowed get away with it. They get away with everything. Teflon imperialists.

It's a funny thing but the west imposes a lot of technology restrictions on the Turks but it is all kept kind of quiet. Example, the Turks can no longer buy certain kinds of computer controlled machinery they would like to have for making military hardware and aircraft. The examples of this equipment in the country now, all of which are being used by commercial enterprises, cannot be diverted because they have GPS trackers on them and periodic inspection regimes to ensure they are not being used for purposes other than what they are intended. Those Bayraktar BT-2 drones? The manufacturer cannot buy the good Canadian made FLIR or Rotax engines because Turkey does not qualify for such regulated technologies. The US denied export licenses for the US made engine used in the Westland / August T-129 gunship helicopter, forcing Turkey to design an engine of its own.

Aside from formal laws the US Congress has not allowed the sale of arms to Turkey in a long time. The US President offered the possibility of selling Turkey some new F-16s but note that any delivery is years away. There is an election coming in Turkey no later than next year. I think the US is biding its time to see how the election turns out before doing anything that the Turks might consider an irreversible snub.

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Hard core neo-con propaganda

Is this the Kremlin's latest term, useful 'westerners' have long parroted Moscow's messages, some of the 'westerners' claiming to be anti-fascist while pushing the Kremlin's fascist propaganda.

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I agree with Desert Tortoise above.

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