Israel accepts Egypt's Gaza cease-fire proposal


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Peace and mutual respect threatens no-one.

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SenseNotSoCommon: No one, except for the Military Idustrial Complex and the people who support or profit from their growth!

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Hamas will agree ceasefire until new Missiles arrived in Gaza.

Hamas is committing war crime by lunching Missiles from just outside UN compound, Christian Churches, Hospitals and residential apartments. Hamas is expecting Israel Army to direct hit back where Hamas Missiles coming from. Hamas wanted Israel Military to kill innocent Palestinian civilians as many as possible in war. So they will get sympathy and support from world and its supporter (donor) Arab countries.

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Hamas won't back down until Israel relaxes the blockade. Israel controls access to Gaza on 3 sides, Egypt the south. Israel, does not let anyone out of the Gaza strip, or let any supplies or aid in. Israel also controls their drinking water. Gazans cannot leave for work, or export or import goods. That is what they are fighting for. Freedom from the Israeli blockade.

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Lol, it seems that the supporters of the Military industrial complex are threatened by the truth (that lasting peace), is the biggest threat to their easy bread & butter profits. Note that they are to cowardly to debate my comment.

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