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Israel airport security allowed to read tourists' email


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Israeli airport security is already totally out of control. Intrusive, rude and often their questions and processes make no sense. i get that they are at war with all their neighbours (kind of). having said that, the only tourists who would willingly submit to this type of bullying must be either religious nuts or cheapskates wanting a beach holiday in Eilat.

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Just as well I have no interest in going to Isreal... ever.

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And I thought security was harsh in the United States.

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Gee, another country off my "should go to" list. It's a short list these days anyway.

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Ben Gurion continues to be one of the most secure airports in the world.

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How stupid. Do they really believe that somebody who wants to hide something would use plain email and wouldn't set up a dummy account just for the Israelis?

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