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Israel announces completion of security barrier around Gaza


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The worlds largest apartheid prison. Quite ironic, but I haven't seen a fence like that since visiting Auschwitz concentration camp.

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In 2018 and 2019, Hamas organized violent mass protests along the frontier in order to pressure Israel to ease the blockade.

Gee, I wonder why Israel wants this wall?

Of course, it will enrage the terrorists and anti-semites.

Stay tuned here.

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Because of the UK's long history of anti-semitism and your Muslim background, we wouldn't expect anything less crass from you.

The only anti-Semitic comment I'm seeing here is the one equating the state of Israel as being synonymous Judaism. You can be Jewish and not support Israel's apartheid, there is meaningful difference between the two.

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The thing is that this is a 'security barrier against terrorism' the same way the Berlin Wall was a 'security barrier against spies'.

This is an antidemocratic regime imprisoning its population (The Refugees are part of the legal population of Israel) so it can oppress them more brutally.

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The Prison walls are complete. An entire city locked up, including babies, children, the elderly and the infirm, as well as all able bodied adults.

A "Nazi type" ghetto created by descendants of the victims of WWII ghettos. Is that symmetry or a very poor joke? All people imprisoned because of their race, even those who abide by the laws of the land.

Successive Israeli governments have more in common with fascist Nazi's than they care to admit.

Actions speak louder than denials.

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What is the difference between this apartheid fence and the Auschwitz camp fences? It seems that Israel must have forgotten what it feels like to be fenced and brutalized, No clean running water, No reliable source of electricity, Not enough food, or medicine, and on and on, and on top of that an UGLY ruthless fence to look at just like the wall Israel put up in Palestine.

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Mr Kipling

The worlds largest apartheid prison. Quite ironic, but I haven't seen a fence like that since visiting Auschwitz concentration camp.

A country protecting its borders is neither "apartheid" nor a "prison". And the Auschwitz inmates were hardly know for sending terrorists into Germany and declaring holy war on it.

Fwiw, Egypt has a similar border barrier on its border with Gaza.... so are you also accusing Egypt of "apartheid" and running a "prison"? Please confirm.

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Why would the Jews build something that remind me of a Nazi concentration camp ?

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A regime 'protecting its borders' to keep the majority of its legal population out so that a minority ethnic group can pretend to be the majority of the population is EXACTLY the definition of Apartheid.

Go to the Apartheid Museum in Soweto, read the plaques.

PS, one of the first acts of the first democratically elected government of South Africa was to downgrade its relationship with the Israeli regime, and the only movement since then has been further downgrades and full court diplomatic efforts to keep the Israeli regime from being able to claim it is close to African countries.

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If the Palestinians don’t want to be walled in, then maybe they should stop attacking Israel on behalf of Iran.

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I love how to Zannon types, all the problems that come with being an Apartheid regime aren't due to Israel being an Apartheid regime, they're due to Iran.

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Raw Beer

Except that Israel built walls within Palestinian land, to protect land it stole from Palestine.

The barriers to Gaza are on Israeli territory, as I understand. And remember, Israel unilaterally removed all Jewish settlements from Gazah, expecting peace in return. What they got instead was Hamas and constant terrorist attacks.

The historical ignorance about this issue among some here is astonishing.

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Why does Israel prevent Gaza from becoming an independent country with land, air and sea access. Access to markets and access to the oil off its coast.

Because it would have to declare war the next day on this "independent country" which does not recognize the existance of Israel and actually has the command to destroy the Jewish state in its constitution, which I am sure you have read.... or not?

And again, Egypt also has a border to to Gazah and could support such and "independent", Hamas-run country if it wanted.... but surprisingly, it does not. I am sure you are aware of that too?

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A unilateral withdrawal in exchange for something? Let’s do talk about the historical ignorance surrounding this situation.

Another historical ignorance has been well-documented throughout history, and most dramatically through WWII, and sadly exists today in anti-Israel rants from disinterested parties.

Many other countries have erected walls in the last 80 years to protect their citizens, but it is obvious why everyone goes Mel Gibson when Israel builds a protective barrier.

This should clear up the basic issue:

cla68Dec. 8  10:17 pm JST

If the Palestinians don’t want to be walled in, then maybe they should stop attacking Israel on behalf of Iran.

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P. SmithDec. 9  05:30 pm JST

People rightly criticize Israel for its incessant brutalization offensive the Palestinians. Screaming that this criticism is anti-Semitic is incorrect, intellectually dishonest, and simply away for those who slavishly support Israel to shut down a conversation.

No screaming is necessary when the anti-semites are doing the shrieking.

There is a large Israeli population in Japan, especially the Kobe are in Hyogo-ken, and I would bet if they were aware of some of these posts they would make a visit to discuss these issues with those posters.

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