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West Bank sees biggest settler rampage since war in Gaza began


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The disappearance of 14-year-old Binyamin Achimair sparked the attacks on Palestinian villages

if the Palestinian Arab settlers didn't kill Israeli children then there would be no self-defense measures needed by the Israelis/

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Zibala above again posts a selective viewpoint.

A murder of anyone should be handled by Police, not vigilantes.

Thats another reason why Israel cannot be considered a democracy in western terms.

13 ( +16 / -3 )

The trouble with the Israelis is that they cannot help but increase the violence at every stage.

It has happened many times in the past and only leads to more conflict.

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exactly. These settler animals only know violence and escalation.

5 ( +7 / -2 )

Settler, just another name for colonialist that annexed someone property with immune from any judicial system.




Anyone who dare to question this, will be labelled as anti-Semitism person.

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It is interesting that they call them "settlers" rather than invaders.


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It is interesting that they call them "settlers" rather than invaders.

It's also interesting in many news, they being called "rampage" not "T" attack. A gunmen shooting other people, just being called as rampage?

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The West Bank may see "settler" (land thief) violence, but crucially "The West" sees nothing and so the zionist "Lebensraum" creep continues apace.

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War of religious ideology unfortunately for the innocents, who are few in fact.

Both Israelis (colonialists) and Palestinians (most fanatics) have been attacking one or another for futile reasons.

I see no ending until one side wins.

In ancient times, each side would provide their champion to see who wins.

Nowadays, it is who kills and plays the most foul play who is gonna win. Sad.

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