Israel warns Lebanon of tougher response to more rockets


Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon warned Beirut of even tougher reprisals after the army fired shells at Lebanon in response to rockets launched at the Jewish state on Sunday.

"We will not tolerate fire from Lebanon on our territory... We consider the Lebanese government and army responsible for this morning's fire," said Yaalon.

"The Israeli army responded by firing a large number of shells at the area from where the rockets were fired. If necessary, it will be even tougher.

"I would never advise anyone to test our patience and our determination to defend the security of the Israeli people," the minister said in a statement.

His remarks came after the army said five rockets were fired at Israel, with at least one of them exploding on its territory without causing any casualties or damage.

In retaliation, the Israeli military fired about 20 shells at Lebanon, also without causing any casualties or damage, according to a Lebanese security official.

Tension has spiked on the border between the two countries since Lebanese troops shot dead an Israeli soldier driving near the frontier on Dec 16.

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Let the sleeping dog lay, why start eroding the peace and stability of rhe area, nothing comes from it except the deaths of innocent people.

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I was surprised. Lebanon has nothing to do with Israel. Why they are firing rockets?

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Lebanon has MANY problems, one is that many in Lebanon are supporting Syria so that best thing for Syria is to make more problems around itself, with Lebanon, with Israel to DIVERT attention from the bloody masscare going on in that country night and day!

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Hezbollah, which is a terrorist group that is based in Lebanon and financed by Syria & Iran, often tries to draw Israel into conflict, as they did in 2006; Due to Lebanon's weak national army, the well-armed and well-financed Hezbollah (which is also fighting on the side of the Assad regime in Syria) can continue attacking Israel and creating instability in the region.

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It is remarkable to me that people would even wonder why Lebanon would fire rockets at Israel. Has no one heard of Hezbollah?

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