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Israel hits Gaza as tensions surge on Lebanon border


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Occupier tactics, starving family and children to die.

First they try to block Rafah, crossing now they try to block Gaza's emergency pier.



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Blinken has said Israel backs the plan, but Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, whose far-right government allies are strongly opposed, has not publicly endorsed it.

Blinken and Biden are full of brown smelly stuff.

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Israel has to keep up the pressure no matter the costs.

Besides, Hamas continues to use human shields, so the terrorists are committing genocide against their own people.

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""Biden's roadmap for the first truce since a week-long pause and hostage-prisoner release in November includes a six-week ceasefire, an exchange of hostages for Palestinian prisoners, and Gaza's reconstruction.""

As Pres. Bush once said "Read My Lips" Mr. Pres. NO TEMP. Ceasefire, butter come up with a different plan Sir.

Hamas knows damn well what TEP. Ceasefire means, been there before, so why should they trust Bibi this time??

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The Israeli regime's discovered what happens when it's victims lose their fear.

And part of the reason for the loss of fear is the diminishing power of the White Bloc (economic, military, as well as 'soft') and a bit more is the increasing power of BRICS.

Like any landslide, the 'minor' slippage and cracks are the harbingers of something significant happening underneath.

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Hamas knows damn well what TEP. Ceasefire means, been there before, so why should they trust Bibi this time??

I don’t understand this logic. So the plan is to never agree to any ceasefire or peace deal because Netanyahu “can’t be trusted”?

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Israel's retaliatory military offensive has left at least 37,232 people dead in Gaza, also mostly civilians, according to the health ministry in the Hamas-ruled territory.

Oh, so now a terrorist group is changing their tune from not distinguishing between civilians and terrorists.

Pretty bold coming from a group that sponsors Terrorist Summer Camps for Children.

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Israel shifting attention to Hezbollah and south Lebanon.

Hezbollah will inflict real damage on the actual ground in Israel

Israeli parliament member already talking about targeting civilian infrastructure in Lebanon, like airports, to hurt the Lebanese people.

This tactic ,supposedly will hurt Hezbollah's standing in Lebanon.

How many wars can Israel fight at once.?

We will soon see.

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