Israel hits Hamas base but Gaza protests fade

By Adel Zaanoun

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Sorry, but 'deadly mass protests and clashes' is a rather offensive way to term the Israeli regime's deliberate murders of peaceful protesters, and their use of live fire in response to symbolic 'violence' like throwing rocks at a fence, and flying kites into Israeli regime airspace.

It is NOT the mass protests that are deadly, it is the armed enforcers of the Israeli regime that are willing to shoot down their own people for peacefully protesting to prop up the regime that are deadly.

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Excellent piece by Fisk here

So will they go home? Will they “return”? That, I suspect, is Israel’s greatest fear, not because there are homes to “return” to but because there are millions of Palestinians who claim their right – under UN resolutions – and who might turn up in their tens of thousands at the border fence in Gaza next time. 

How many snipers will Israel need then?

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