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Israel intensifies Gaza bombardment, battles to dislodge Hamas fighters from its territory


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Look at the photos - that’s an enormous air or missile strike on a high rise residential building - I have seen video of dozens like it. And that’s a Mosque in photo 4. There are much worse images and videos on Telegram. Schools, hospitals, theaters, cafes, markets, children hospitals food and water distribution centers, civilian infrastructure. Really confronting images of babies killed that shocks the conscience.

Where are the people using big words like ‘war crime, ICC, Hague, war criminal’ etc etc, going off their trumpet about the illegality of annexing land, the moral high ground of international law and how the UN is the cat’s pajamas, demanding sanctions and more.

The hypocrisy is brazen.

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Is murdering fleeing innocent defenseless women, girls, teenagers, begging for mercy, responsible for the Israel’s occupation and blockade of Gaza????

Is it???

Slaughtering, terrified teenagers the path to martyrdom?

Horrifying images reveal Hamas massacre at rave, where Israeli officers acted as human shields to protect civilians


Hamas terrorists are directly responsible for this war brought on the Palestinian people.

Iran needs to be held accountable. It is clear that this hateful "religion" must be seen for whet it is, a clear and present danger to freedom, democracy.

Why is it that politicians attempt to appease and bargain with regimes that despise everything freedom stands for.?

Why is it such a travesty to accept that these dictators, murdering mullah clerics, are our enemies and must be treated as such?

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Every tragic death of innocent Palestinian families school, hospital, theater, cafe, market, children hospital is the sole responsibility of Hamas and Hezbollah terrorist extremism fully endorsed and supported by Iran.

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700 Israelis. Cry me a river full of crocodile tears instead of blowing a righteous trumpet that is transparent. It’d be slightly more authentic.

The Palestinians have had it far, far worse.

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It is interesting that someone thinks that the horrible things that the Israeli regime forces have been doing to Palestinians from before there was an Israeli regime justify the nasty things that the Israeli regime is presently doing to Palestinians because they responded in kind.

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New York Times and any of the western maintstream media have lost all credibility. The are out to parrot the gov't line.

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Israel intensifies Gaza bombardment, battles to dislodge Hamas fighters from its territory.

Hamas fighters try to dislodge Israeli occupiers from Palestinian territory, while Gaza and its people endure continuous intense Israeli bombardment, killing hundreds of citizens.

Headlines can go either way really. It just depends on which side of the line you fall. A neutral headline may simply say:-

Israel and Palestinians again involved in intense violence against each other, since the stalled peace process has been all but abandoned.

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The ones in East Ukraine who had the leader they voted in removed by an illegal coup and then faced 8 years of shelling by the illegal regime in Kiev.

Pure rubbish.

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That article title is bizarre : Gaza is not Israel territory !

Everybody knows that history fact…

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700 Israelis. Cry me a river full of crocodile tears instead of blowing a righteous trumpet that is transparent. It’d be slightly more authentic.

Despicable comment.

A lot of those 700 were kids attending a peaceful music festival. Gunned down by cowards, incinerated in their cars.

Israel must act swiftly and comprehensively to crush the vermin once and for all.

Yes. The cockroaches need to be rounded up and dealt with.

Whatever happens from here on to Hamas - and ALL their sympathisers - they have brought it onto themselves. Zero sympathy.

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There is no difference between 700 people whether they be Israeli or Palestinian unless one is prejudiced.

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I relate this to the Warsaw Uprising in 1944, a desperate roar against their masters

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An interested documentary called Occupation 101 will a new perspective to the conversation.


It is not just the Muslim Arabs suffering under Israeli rule, but also the Christians in Israel.

Outrage over Jerusalem video of ultra-Orthodox Jews spitting as Christians pass


I wonder how the Conservative right feels about being spit on in Israel for simply being Christian. Would they consider it an honor?

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I am wondering when the first international journalist will be this conflicts celebrity victim.

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This action by the Hamas will be very easy to repeat again.

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Since the Jews who survived the European Holocaust arrived in Palestine, violence has been the means of establishing a Jewish state and imposing a system of Apartheid on the native Arab population. This system has not and never will work. The last 90 years of repeating the same and expecting a different result has proven simply folly to any neutral observer with a functioning brain. The only solution is the creation of a bi-racial state (like Canada) where the citizens learn to communicate in Hebrew, Arabic and English. Peace can then be sealed by inter-marriage (procreation always works wonders for humans) and constitutionally-guaranteed mutual religious tolerance. Remember, no justice no peace!

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